Model for a circular economy. Loggia Baseliana by Isla Architects

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isla. Architects.- Marta Colón de Carvajal, Juan Palencia de Sarriá.
In collaboration with.- Husner AG, Zirkular, Architektur Basel.
Design team
María Gutiérrez Bas, Cristina Gutiérrez Chevalier, Chiara Liebermann, Annachiara Trabbachin.
Structure consultant.- Mecanismo ingeniería.
Circular economy consultant.- Cristina Fernández.
Material innovation consultant.- Buj Studio.
100 m².
Competition date.- Dec 2021.
Completion date.- May 2022.
Frankfurt-Strasse 54, 4142 Münchenstein, Switzerland.

Marta Colón de Carvajal, Juan Palencia. isla

isla is an architecture and design office founded by Marta Colón de Carvajal and Juan Palencia.

Following their graduation from ETSA Madrid, they worked for several years for offices in Madrid, Paris, and Basel, among them Langarita-Navarro, Luis Úrculo, Burckhardt+Partner, and Herzog & de Meuron. After six years in Basel, in 2017 they moved back to Mallorca and established their own practice on the island. Since 2017 they have been developing projects of all scales, from objects and domestic projects to large public buildings, such as the future Maritime Museum of Mallorca.

Working with a contextual approach—starting from the place and the culture—Isla focuses on revealing the potentialities of what is already there, underlining the craftsmanship and knowledge of those who came before in order to craft a radically contemporary approach to each project. Beyond a predefined style or aesthetic, the office produces appropriate responses to each individual context, in collaboration with all the agents who are involved.




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