Multidisciplinary block. Émergence Lafayette by SUD Architectes ITAR Architectures and Wilmotte & Associés

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Technical team: Marco Rossi Paysagiste, Iliade, Arcadis, Socotec, Synacoustique, L. E. A., Arcora, Enexco, Equaterre, AIA Management.
5,500 m² affordable housing.
2,500 m² young workers residence.
1,277 m² shops.
750 m² religious center.
Data set
Program.- 91 units of affordable housing, 47 units of social housing in the young workers residence, shops, religious center, 182 parking places on two floors, Environmental performance.- H&E profil A – BBC.
January 2022.
Rougeot, Perrier TP, Eiffage, Etantec, Amalgame, Simonetti, MCI Rocha, Doitrand, CNE, Gérard Plomberie, Medt, Parquet sol, Dani carrelage, Rolando Poisson, Lenoir, Kone, Nature.
228 Cr Lafayette, 69003 - Lyon, France.
Sergio Grazia, Galea Blandy.

Jean-Marc Pivot - SUD Architectes

SUD Architectes, created in 1986 in Lyon by 7 partners, SUD's offices went international in the 1990s, expanding its activity throughout Central Europe and the Middle East. Offices were gradually established in Warsaw and Paris, and recently in 2017, in Beirut and Shanghai. Over the years, in response to ever more complex projects requiring additional expertise, SUD welcomed new specialists in France and internationally. Today, 20 partners/specialists guarantee the variety and the complexity of various operations along different regions.

Featuring among the group's leading projects in France are the global headquarters of ATARI/Infogrames, the corporate headquarters of the Groupe SEB, and the redevelopment of the historic Citroën garage in Lyon. Internationally, the “Residence des Pins” in Beirut (Lebanon) and Manufaktura in Łódź (Poland). SUD’s urban approach consists to operate with these parameters of density, proximity, and walkable distances to create the “city in the city”, and preserve a social and functional diversity. The sustainable city is willing to alteration. The reversibility and the evolution of the urban concepts offer a continuous change and high potentials of development.

Jean-Marc Pivot is the president and main Partner Architect of the studio.

Ingrid Taillandier ITAR

ITAR is an architectural firm founded by Ingrid Taillandier, she has been an architect at DPLG since 2000. She quickly focused her attention on three activities: architectural practice, writing, and teaching. She graduated from the Paris-Belleville School of Architecture and holds a master's degree from Columbia University in New York. This double journey between the New and the Old World has brought to his thinking an intuitive and free dimension within the framework of an assumed rigor, mastered concepts, and a strong social ethic.

She worked in France and internationally with Philippe Gazeau, Richard Meier, and Benish & Partners before founding his agency. Since 2005, she has been teaching in architecture schools, first in Paris-La Villette, and since 2011 in Versailles, where she enjoys transmitting her taste for inventive and thoughtful architecture. She has written numerous articles on the issues of density and height and was the scientific curator, with Olivier Namias, of the exhibition "The Invention of the European Tower", presented at the Pavillon de l'Arsenal in Paris in 2009. She is convinced that Europe has something to say and certain wisdom to contribute to the worldwide fashion for tall buildings.

Jean Michel Wilmotte Wilmotte & Associés

Wilmotte & Associés is an architectural firm founded by Jean-Michel Wilmotte in Paris, France in 1975. Architect, urban planner, and designer, Jean-Michel Wilmotte was born in 1948 in Soissons (France). In 1975 he created his architecture studio in Paris.

Jean-Michel Wilmotte is interested in all subjects, with the same curiosity: from the most unlikely to the most obvious, from the loftiest to the most accessible, and from the smallest to the most imposing. Over the years, the agency has diversified and now works mainly in five core areas: architecture, interior architecture, museography, urban planning, and design. Jean-Michel Wilmotte likes to be where you least expect it. What do a handle (designed for Hafi) and a large sports facility (the Allianz Riviera stadium) have in common? The changes in scale and program allow him to stay alert, question, and "reinvent" himself each time, always with the same demand for quality and the same attention to detail. He has formed his team in this spirit: diversity of profiles, backgrounds, nationalities, and training.

Art is omnipresent in his life. A tireless collector, he goes to museums and contemporary art fairs. Does he feed on these encounters, these discoveries, these emotions that he likes to share? It is one of the driving forces of his existence.

Jean-Michel Wilmotte is constantly developing and diversifying his expertise, both in France and abroad. Today, his agency is structured around two companies - the architectural agency Wilmotte & Associés and the design studio Wilmotte & Industries SAS - and simultaneously manages more than a hundred projects. Recognized for the eclecticism of its production, and the elegance and quality of the finishes of its projects, the Wilmotte agency is present in the public and private sectors, in the luxury, hotel, residential and tertiary sectors.

It employs 250 people of 27 different nationalities and works in 23 countries. Headquartered in Paris and Nice, its international development has been accompanied by the creation of two subsidiaries: Wilmotte UK Ltd in London and Wilmotte Italia Srl in Venice. It also has offices in Dakar and Seoul.



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