New animal shelter for ADPCA in Zaragoza by Pérez + Usabiaga Arquitectura

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Pérez + Usabiaga Arquitectura.
Architects.- Isabel Pérez Cenis, Josu Usabiaga Arizmendi.
José Luis Paris Izaga.
Structure.- 2GV Arquitectura.
Construcciones Zumeta Franco.
Area of action.- 9,852.75 sqm.
Closed constructed area.- 456.22 sqm.
Open constructed area.- 657.85 sqm.
Project.- March. 2018.
Finalización de construcción.- January 2022.
Peñaflor, Zaragoza, Spain.

Isabel Pérez, Josu Usabiaga. Pérez + Usabiaga Arquitectura

Pérez + Usabiaga Arquitectura was founded as a studio by Isabel Pérez and Josu Usabiaga in 2012, based in the cities of Zaragoza and San Sebastián, Spain, as a formalisation of the collaboration that its components have been carrying out since the beginning of their academic training. As a studio it shows a special sensitivity towards aspects such as the place, the way it is implanted in the territory or natural light as factors in aspiring to achieve an efficient, honest, responsible and constantly evolving architecture.

The studio's scope of action ranges from public and private facilities, among which are the extension of the San Jorge Infant and Primary Education Centre or the new animal shelter for A.D.P.C.A., both in Zaragoza, multi-family housing, with the development of a residential complex of 32 dwellings in Benasque, currently in the project phase, to new single-family housing and integral reform projects. Likewise, interior architecture projects such as the fitting out of offices for V-Valley in Madrid or the design and execution of the corporate model of the new headquarters of the Pikolin Group are an example of the work carried out by the studio in the field of design.

Isabel Pérez and Josu Usabiaga have been architects at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona (UPC) since 2009, after which they studied for a Master's Degree in Building at the Escuela Politécnica Superior de Edificación de Barcelona (UPC) in which they obtained an excellent grade in their Master's Degree Final Project for their analysis of natural light as an element of materialisation in the architectural project. At the same time, they completed their training in the studios B01 Arquitectes Amadó Domènech and BAU Busquets Arquitectura y Urbanismo, among others, with the collaboration in the development of urban planning and the execution of projects.
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