New Stonehenge Visitor Centre by Denton Corker Marshall

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Denton Corker Marshall is a design practice with offices in the United Kingdom, Indonesia and Australia. In 1972 in Melbourne, John Denton, Bill Corker and Barrie Marshall initiated a joint career, establishing a partnership that became one of the most sought after architectural firms in the world. The office Denton Corker Marshall believe that its distinctive architectural language is derived from the operation of a fusion between art, architecture and tectonics. With numerous architectural awards and competition successes the practice has made, and continues to make, an acknowledged contribution to the international architectural design scene.

In the United Kingdom their best known completed work is the Manchester Civil Justice Centre, which was shortlisted for the prestigious Stirling Prize in 2008. The firm has a team of 10 directors across three studios: Stephen Quinlan and John Rintoul in London, Budiman Hendropurnomo in Jakarta and seven directors in Melbourne - Adrian FitzGerald, Ian White, Neil Bourne, Peter Williams, Greg Gong, Wojciech Pluta and Anna Piatkowska (Administration). With 120 architects and design staff, the firm utilises advanced communications and is committed to a global presence with completed projects in 20 countries.



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