NORD Architects wins the Marine Education Centre competition.

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. NORD Architects

Morten Rask Gregersen and Johannes Molander Pedersen.

NORD Architects is a creative office, situated in Copenhagen, Denmark. The office is taking on a broad range of assignments within architecture, urban development and innovation processes. Descripción NORD Architects is known by the ability to develop and innovate content and engage with the clients and users relating to a project. Our work is often characterized by a high level of complexity that is organized and embodied in a specific design. We consider every project we undertake as a process of change Therefore we focus on how to design the process itself. We call it process design. This method has resulted in the realization of several prizewinning projects spanning from the development of new types of institutions, urban spaces, urban development strategies and learning environments. NORD Architects was established in 2003 by founding partners Johannes Molander Pedersen and Morten Rask Gregersen (both b. 1974). During the years we have employed a multidisciplinary staff of urban planners, architects, landscape architects, process consultants, art historians, academics within social and cultural studies along with our technical staff. Besides realizing various projects, we are often asked to lecture and have been taking part in exhibitions and publications on several occasions. NORD Architects operates as total advisors, collaborators and client advisors on projects within the public and private sector.



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