Open future. Amairis Sewing Workshop by Ruta 4 taller de arquitectura

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ruta 4, taller. Jorge Augusto Noreña, Juliana López Marulanda, Julián Vásquez.
Project team
Maria Alejandra Zuluaga (Architect), Rosalie Lefevre (Architect), Daniel Buitrago (Architect), Julián Motato (Ethno-educator), Margarita Zuluaga (Industrial and Graphic Designer). Interns: Andrés Duran Parra, Daniela Trejos.
Structural Engineer.- Jorge Obed Gómez. Resident Engineer.- Mauricio García (Construsocial). Electrical Engineer.- Santiago Marín. Community organization.- The Beginning of the Rainbow (LidereIlda Luz Silva).
El Comienzo del Arcoíris, Poblado Mundo and Diputación de Jaén.
210 m²
San Isidro in the village of Puerto Caldas in Pereira, Colombia.

Jorge Noreña, Juliana López Marulanda. Ruta 4 taller de arquitectura

Ruta 4 is an architecture workshop founded by Jorge Noreña, Juliana López Marulanda in 2020, with Julián Andrés Vásquez and Daniel Buitrago, in 2014. Graduates from Universidad Católica De Pereira. Ruta 4 believes that each place tells a story and that architecture should be a symbolic representation of it, a correspondence: cultural, material, geographic, morphological, historical and political of the place and the moment, of space and time, a testimony of the era in which the project is developed; transform architecture into a magic touch of the surrounding reality, making it poetry, conscience, everyday life and truth.

In 2014, we came together with the purpose of creating a route without thinking about the destination and with our eyes only fixed on the road. Ruta 4 is a laboratory in which architecture is divided into dimensions: human, political, cultural and spatial, based in Pereira, Colombia, a scene of diversity and multiculturalism. Learning by speaking and learning by doing is the synthesis of the workshop, a space in which minga and research merge to transcend the aesthetic complexity of the work and take root in the territory as a symbol of the habitat.

In 2014 we set out on a path almost at random; Between communities, landscapes, trips, places, questions and affections that have been added as layers that permeate us; skins of experiences that nourish a route and alter it in its daily doing.

We have traveled in places of insurgency, unstable, on the margins, Latin American territories in contrast to determine from the everyday, the neighborhood, the community and the collective our way of operating.



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