View of Álora, "Mirador 360º" by WaterScales arquitectos

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WaterScales architects.- Carmen Barrós Velázquez & Francisco J. del Corral del Campo. Technical Architect.- Antonio Montes Sáez
Javier Golbano Gómiz, architect. Álvaro López Camino, architect. Jorge López González, architect. Daniel Marcos Ruiz, architect. Belén Muñoz de la Torre Footwear, architect. Francisco Ortega Ruiz, architect. Felipe Pérez García, architect. Patricia Prados Pérez, architect. Víctor Campoy Martín, architect.
Gardening and Landscape.- Ana Ibáñez Fernández, Biologist. Structures.- Jesús Hernández Martí, Road Engineer. Installations.- Vargas Engineering. Esteban Vargas and José Manuel Fernández, industrial engineers. Ricardo Rueda García, road engineer. Historical advice.- María José Sánchez Rodríguez, Director Municipal Archaeological Museum, Álora. Archeology.- Archaeological research workshop, Málaga.
I.M. Instalaciones y Obras S.A. Álora
Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Álora
Cerro de las Torres, Álora, Málaga.

Carmen Barrós, Francisco del Corral. WaterScales arquitectos

WaterScales arquitectos borns during the spring of the year 2011, by Carmen Barrós and Francisco del Corral, as a multidisciplinary ensemble composed by experienced professionals focused on space creation. It links creative teaching at the university with research and professional working.

WaterScales arquitectos is focused on research, teaching and working in different scales of landscape an architecture, territorial, domestic and intimate, mainly using water as an essential and creative material of the space. They have received several national and international prizes and their work have been extensively published.

Among its main interests is Water, the essential creator of the different scales of our perception, the basic and the structural material of our projects from the territorial scale up to the most intimate one.



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