Passivhaus Architecture, natural element. Environmental Guardhouse in Estella by Boa Arquitectos

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Design team
Main Architects.- Raúl Belloso, Iñaki Archanco. Architect.- Fabian Spang. Technical Architect.- Paula Rábago. Administrative.- Amparo Oses.
Installations design.- HOBEKI ingeniaría.
OCISA (Obras de Construcción e Instalaciones, S.A.).
280 sqm.
Plumbing.- ERISA. Electricity and telecommunications.- INGELEC RIOJA S.L. CLT structure and wood cladding.- MADERGIA. External woodwork.- CARMAVE. Cotton fiber insulation.- GEOPANNEL. Heat recovery ventilation.- ZEHNDER. Hermeticity films.- ONHAUS (SIGA films and tapes). Blowerdoor tests.- HOBEKI ingeniería. Roof skylights.- VELUX. Locksmith and Smithy.- TALLERES METÁLICOS IMAÑA. Cover.- CUBIERTAS DAMI. Wood carpentry.- COLON CARPINTEROS. Surveillance cameras.- SECUSYS.
Estella, Navarre, Spain.

Raúl Belloso, Iñaki Archanco. Boa Arquitectos

Boa Arquitectos is a studio specialized in Sustainable Architecture, Passivhaus and "almost zero energy consumption".

Founded in 1998 by Raúl Belloso and Iñaki Archanco, they are dedicated to designing new buildings or renovations, ensuring the minimum environmental impact and taking into account the comfort and well-being of people.

Their main mission is to add value to clients and therefore their work systems are based on recognized standards and methodologies, backed by nationally and internationally accredited entities in sustainable architecture or with minimal environmental impact.

BOA is made up of a collaborative multidisciplinary team that develops innovative ideas for architectural projects under a common philosophy: sensitivity to the environment and the well-being of people.

Their approach integrates all the stages in the life of the building (design, construction, use-maintenance, rehabilitation and demolition), allowing their clients to make the right decisions aimed at: consuming fewer resources, generating less waste, being more durable and economical than maintain, be healthier and be more accessible and comfortable for people.

Their Environmental Assessment services are complementary and allow us to tackle their clients' projects, according to criteria of environmental and economic excellence, obtaining a Green Seal that accredits it. They are Accredited Evaluators of the V.E.R.D.E System of the Green Building Council-Spain for their own or external projects and they have Passivhaus Designers.



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