Psychiatric Center – Refurbishment & Extension by Vaillo+Irigaray Architects, Galar, Vélaz

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Vaillo+Irigaray Architects, Galar, Vélaz. Antonio Vaíllo i Daniel, Juan L. Irigaray Huarte, Daniel Galar, Josecho Vélaz
Structural Engineering.- Raúl Escrivá – OPERA Ingeniería. Facilities Engineering.- José Javier González – GE ingenieros
Servicio Navarro de Salud - Osasunbidea
9,820 m²
Project Year.- 2012
Competition 1.- September 2009. Project.- April 2010. Cost.- 65,500,280 €. Surfaces.- Masterplan.- 291,455 m². Total Gross.- Area 51,966 m²
Stages I & II Fase 1 y 2
Competition 2.- December 2010. Project.- April 2012. End of Construction.- 2017. Cost.- 11,635,772 €. Surfaces.- 9,820 m²

Antonio Vaíllo, Juan Luis Irigaray, Yago Vaíllo. Vaillo + Irigaray Architects

Vaillo + Irigaray Architects is an architecture firm founded in 1998 by Antonio Vaíllo and Juan Luis Irigaray, with Yago Vaíllo joining as a partner in 2020. It is located in Navarra, Spain.

Working method in the office is based on the concept of project strategy, which embraces the widest range of possible scales, from a simple bench to the whole city. It proposes a creative process that will develop founding concepts to be equally applied to management, procedures and design.

VAILLO+IRIGARAY ARCHITECTS conceive design from a multifocal perspective, so they deal with matters from diverse points of view to contribute unifying solutions.

Their source of inspiration is the project itself: the client, function, program, financial resources… are just raw materials to creativity. Consequently, every project has a unique personality, every project demands exclusive materials and details: every project requires an investigation process and a precise development, according to specific needs. The office structure is organized in 6 areas:

eLAB.- Experimental laboratory for basic creativity to explore urban, social, cultural needs. It is oriented to generate new patterns of interaction with the world of industry, architecture and art. I + D + i.- Innovation and research with the intention to face the needs in every project according to the world of industry, construction and arts and crafts. BRANDing 360°.- Platform to promote brand strategy as a 360º process. PROJECTS.-Area for design and definition of urban, architectural and industrial projects.

PROJECTS.- Area for design and definition of: Museums architecture, Museography, Interior design, Product design, Public architecture, Educational architecture, Housing, Health architecture, Offices architecture, Commercial architecture, Urban design, Industrial architecture. INTERNATIONAL.- We develop our international dimension associated with different architectural firms in Swizertland, Mexico and Israel. TEACHING.- Defenders of professional hybridization theory / practice, we combine the practice of architecture with the Teaching. Teachers in different Schools of Architecture and Guest Lecturers in different educational institutions to teach disciplines related to architecture, Innovation and Creativity. Regular lectures at several centers, institutions and groups.

AWARDS & PUBLICATIONS.- Their work has received numerous awards in national and international competitions both for formal and constructive quality. Their work is regularly published in the most important national and international media.

Daniel Galar Irurre, Josecho Vélaz Ballesteros, Javier Gil Ayesa. GVG Estudio

GVG Estudio consists of an interdisciplinary team managed by Daniel Galar Irurre, Josecho Vélaz Ballesteros and Javier Gil Ayesa. Thanks to our large team of collaborators we are able to cover large scale projects.

We have more than 20 years of architectural experience and numerous works, which have been built, awarded and published all over the world. Yet, we still turn every day into a new challenge in which we put all our knowledge and enthusiasm at the customer´s and the project´s service, regardless its magnitude.

Our working method practices a complementary relationship between the conceptualized idea adapted to the local issues and the resolution of complex layouts focusing on utility, beauty and economic sustainability.



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