Reactivation of urban space. El Sol square by ELE arkitektura + TARTE

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ELE arkitektura.- Eduardo Landia, Eloi Landia. TARTE.- Alex Etxeberria.
4480 sqm.
Sestao, Bizkaia. Spain.

Eduardo Landia, Eloi Landia. ELE ARKITEKTURA

ELE Arkitektura was founded in 2013 by joining, after several collaborations, Eduardo and Eloi Landia, with the vocation of weaving a multidisciplinary network of independent professionals, capable of tackling projects of a diverse type and scale combining different disciplines artistic and technical.

His works include his proposals “Puente Sarasola” (2nd prize), “A refuge for Oteiza” (1st prize) and the competition for the construction of an elevator and an urban staircase in the Blast Furnace of Bizkaia in Sestao (1st prize) , in addition to his works “Territorial College of Architects of Valencia” (1st prize. Work selected among the best 20 works in the Valencian Community between 2015/2018) and “Reform of the Ikastola Kurutziaga” (finalist in the COAVN 2019 awards), all of them made with different collaborators.

Eduardo Landia (Durango, 1986)
Architect by the ETSA del Vallés in 2011, he specializes in Sustainable Construction and Energy Efficiency by the University of the Basque Country and begins its trajectory professional. He has collaborated with the Xavier Vancells Arquitectos studio in 2012, and duringone year in the GA Arquitectos studio (Xaviera Gleixner and Tomás Garcia de la Huerta) in Santiago de Chile.

Eloi Landia (Durango, 1989)
Architect by the ETSA of the Basque Country in 2015, during the race he participates in different exhibitions and publications, he collaborates with the Jesus Angel Landia studio and begins to participate in architectural competitions with Eduardo Landia. After finishing their studies, he complements his work as an architect with other artistic disciplines such as painting and sculpture, carrying out different collaborations and exhibitions.

Alex Etxeberria. TARTE

TARTE Arkitektura is a studio founded by Alex Etxeberria, architect by the ETSA in Barcelona since (2013), in 2019, after his time in internationally renowned studios such as Cruz and Ortiz in Amsterdam and Vora Arquitectes in Barcelona.

The studio is established in Zarautz, from where he works the approach to projects prioritizing the strategy and systematization of concepts, highlighting in each intervention, that or those relevant variables that make a project understandable and coherent.

Among the works carried out we can highlight the partial reform works of the Territorial College of Architects of Valencia (2016) and the redevelopment and covering of Sestao fronton (2021) and competitions won as the Europan 15 in the location of lasarte-oria of 100 productive social housing + equipment (2019) and the elevator - staircase - urban viewpoint in the blast furnaces of Bizkaia de Sestao (2020).



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