Renovation for sustainable rural tourism. Can Tomeu House by Andrea Solé Arquitectura

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Design team
Alberto González. Construction manager.- Andrea Solé.
Structure.- Eduard Bosch. Budget.- Esteve Sitjà.
Herman Holtus.
814,33 sqm / 144 sqm.
Project.- 2006. Construction.- 2016.
€ 804,737.70
Corral de Capdet s/n. Sant Pere de Ribes. Barcelona, Spain.

Andrea Solé. Andrea Solé Arquitectura

Andrea Solé, architect graduated from ETSALS (Barcelona 2014) and postgraduate in rehabilitation from Escola Sert, 2014. She established her own architecture studio, Andrea Solé Arquitectura in 2015.

Andrea Solé Arquitectura is a young architecture studio that operates on different scales in the fields of architecture, urban planning and landscape, with a transversal view and based on a thorough diagnosis of pre-existences.

Its first projects focus on the rehabilitation of pre-existing buildings applying sustainability criteria based on climatic studies and thermal analysis. The studio tries to find new solutions and alternatives for each project by optimising both natural and economic resources, working as a team with the end user to ensure the best synthesis of concept, functionality and beauty.

Lluís Jubert

Lluís Jubert architect from the Vallès Higher Technical School of Architecture since 1993. Collaborator in projects and construction management with Batlle y Roig, architects, 1986/1995. Founding partner of the professional studio with Eugència Santacana, architect 1995. Founder of Lluís Jubert-Taller d'Arquitectura 2001. He combines his work as an architect with design professor at the Vallès Higher Technical School of Architecture (ETSAV) since 1998, and in the Interior Design Master, from the European Institute diDesign (IED) since 2016.



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