Sea of Cortez Research Center. Mazatlán Aquarium on the shores of Pacific Ocean by Tatiana Bilbao

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Tatiana Bilbao Estudio. Architect.- Tatiana Bilbao.
Associate Architects.- Catia Bilbao, Juan Pablo Benlliure, Alba Cortés, Mariano Castillo, Soledad Rodríguez.
Project Director.- Udayan Mazumdar, Alba Cortés.
Project Manager.- Alba Cortés.
Project team
Sofía Betancourt, Simona Solórzano, Gonzalo Mauleón, Mónica Lamela, Pavel Manzano, Steven Beltrán, Vania Aldonza Torres, Christian Belmont, Francisco Lozano, Octavio Herrejón, Pedro Gaxiola, Emma Woodward, Vittoria Di Giunta, Andrea Celso, Daniela Oria, Renata de Miguel, Fernanda Tovar, Patricio Tejedo, Mariana Martins, Elsa Ponce, María Escudero, Miriam Hernández, Kerstin Röck, Helene Schauer, Brice Franquesa, Hyeree Kwak, Morgan Tyson, Ayesha S. Ghosh, Carlos Baeza.
Calculation of structures.- SENER.
Life support.- TJP, MAT.
Lighting.- Lightchitects Studio.
Landscaping.- Landscape Workshop Environment.
Construction Director.- Soledad Rodríguez.
Construction Manager.- José Luis Duran.
Construction Team.- Vania Aldonza Torres, Christian Belmont, Guillermo Barrera, Cinthya González.
Model Manager.- Isaac Monterrosa.
Model team.- Víctor Castañeda, Ángela Silva, Verónica Nazar, Emerson Carmona, Patricia Morales, María Padrón, Io Plouin, Julio Montesinos, Paulo Rodríguez, Eliana López, Andrés Millán.
Collaborators.- Lichen, Space House, Ocean Wise, Guillermo Roel.
13,000 m².
Project.- 2017 – 2019.
Construction.- 2019 – May 2023.
Av. de los Deportes 111, Tellería, 82017 Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico.
Iwan Baan, Christian Belmont and Tonatiuh Armenta.


Tatiana Bilbao (Mexico City, 1972). Graduated from Architecture and Urbanism at Universidad Iberoamericana in 1996, in 1998 she won honorable mention for her career and also appreciation for the best thesis of the year. Advisor for Urban Projects at the Urban Housing and Development Department of Mexico City in 1998-99. As advisor for the government, Tatiana was member of the urban council of the city.

In 1999 co-founds LCM S.C. In 2004 starts Tatiana Bilbao S.C. with projects in China, Spain, France and Mexico. Also in 2004 founds MXDF along with architects Derek Dellekamp, Arturo Ortiz and Michel Rojkind. MXDF is an urban research center, attending the production of space, its occupation, its defense and control in Mexico City.

In 2005 becomes design professor at Universidad Iberoamericana. Awarded with the Design Vanguard for one of the top 10 emerging firms of the year in 2007 by Architecture Record. Visiting professor at Andres Bello University in Santiago de Chile in Autumn 2008. Named as Emerging Voice by the Architecture League of NY in 2009.

In 2010 two partners joined David Vaner and Catia Bilbao. In December 2010 three projects where acquired by the Centre George Pompidou in Paris, France to be part of their Architectural Permanent Collection. Critics in universities such as Techknik Munich, MIT, UPenn, ETH etc. Spring semester 2013 she is visiting professor at FH Düsseldorf, Germany.





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