'Spectres of the State Avant-gardes' Korean Pavilion for the Biennale Architettura di Venezia 2018

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May 26th - November 25th 2018.
Korean Pavilion.- Biennale Architettura 2018, Venice, Italy.

Choi Choon

Choon Choi (b. 1971) is an architect based in Seoul and associate professor of architecture at Seoul National University Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering, where he leads the Laboratory for Architecture Culture. His architectural practice (CCA / Choon Choi Architects) specializes in adaptive reuse and cultural facilities, such as the Kkummaru at the Seoul Children’s Grand Park, the Maeil Innovation Center, the Sangha Farm, and Jeomchon Middle School. Choon has been an active collaborator for contemporary art institutions in Korea, including the Gwangju Biennale, the Asian Culture Center, and the ArtSonje/Samuso. Choon was a co-curator and artist for the Korean Pavilion at the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale.

He has participated in various exhibitions including Platform in Kimusa (2009), PLAYTIME at Seoul Station (2011), Brilliant Collaborators at Ilmin Museum (2013), Space Project #1 at ArtSonje (2014), New Shelters at Arko Art Center (2016), and the Void at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Seoul (2016).He was Co-curator at the Biennale Venezia 2018 for the Korean Pavilion (2018).

LAC. Led by Prof. Choon Choi, the LAC at the Seoul National University is an academic forum for promoting trans-disciplinary research on architecture with a particular focus on the historical and cultural context of contemporary Korea.

Team (2009-2019): Shin Myoung, Kim Jiyoung, Song Taehwan, Yoon Jaewon, Pyo Changyeon, Lee Mikyoung, Kim Yujin, Joo Myounghyun, Cho Woori, Kim Sunah, Paul Mullins, Jason Houliston, Steven Park Chaffer, Kim Dohyun, Kang Hansoo, Nouanseng Phonesaly, Jo Yunho, Cho Yonghyun, Choi Yunha, Saerom Lee, Lina Pinzon, Teng Teng, Geumryung Lee.



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