Sustainability and quality of the indoor space. Technical Services Base Lysolaje by Progres architekti

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Progres architekti. Lead architects.- Jan Kalivoda, Vojtěch Kaas.
Project team
Michal Svoboda, Tereza Soubustová.
Statics.- Losík statika.
General construction contractor
Area / Dimensions
Built-up Area.- 437 m².
Dimensions.- 31x10 m.
Project year.- 2019-2020.
Completion year.- 2022.
Venue / Localitation
Květová Street, Prague – Lysolaje, Czech Republic.
Window shutters.- Batima.
Sectional doors (custom-made).- Hörmann.
Concrete blocks.- Liapor.
Prefabricated building.- Lindab.
Glass atrium walls and windows.- Sklomont.

Vojtech Kaas and Jan Kalivoda PROGRES architekti

PROGRES architekti is an architecture studio formed by the engineer-architects Jan Kalivoda (1981) and Vojtech Kaas (1982). Founded in the year 2006 in the city of Prague.

Vojtech Kaas was born in Domažlice. He studied at the Secondary School of Applied Arts in the furniture industry of Prague between 1996 and 2001. He studied architecture at the Technical University of Prague (2001-08).

Jan Kalivoda was born in Prague. He studied architecture at the Technical University of Prague (2001-08). He worked at Ivan Kroupa Studio (2003 - 2007) and has participated in several exhibitions. - Exhibition 2004 of the works of the student Lead Dušan, Workshop 2005 Holešovice, Prague, Czech Republic, Workshop 2006 El Dorado, Bogotá, Colombia, La Bienalle di Venezia , Venice, Italy (2006).



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