Sustainable vaults. CEM Kamanar Secondary School by daw office

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daw office. Lead architects.- David García + Aina Tugores.
Design team
Violeta Linares, Anna Enrich, Pablo Navas, Laura Pérez, Mónica Barrio, Marc Lencina, Jaume Almoslino.
Furniture.- Marc Morro.
Static, structure consultant.- Miguel Rodriguez.
CVC, facilities consultant.- Óscar Cabrera.
Signage.- Signes.
Quantity surveyor.- Jesús Amengual.
1,900 sqm.
Project dates.- 2014-2016.
Building dates.- 2016-2021.
Thionck Essyl, Ziguinchor, Senegal.
Claudia Mauriño, Jara Varela, Noemi de la Peña, Anna Enrich, Jesús Sanchez.

David García. Daw Office

Dawoffice is an architectural studio founded by David García in early 2010. The studio's methodology always takes the environment into account, and the aim is to provide urban and architectural solutions that are integrated into the context.
The many projects proposed since the studio was founded do not seek to respond to a specific style, but are the result of an evolution in the design process.

The work methodology is based on a continuous exchange of ideas between the team members, always generating various points of view that help to improve the final result.

Therefore, the projects are always understood as the result of an analysis of the pre-existences, which serves as a starting point, but at the same time as the end of the process. Any proposal always aims to improve the environment where it is implemented and vice versa, the project seeks to be favoured by the context.

In addition to respect for the environment, sustainability also plays an essential role in the projects. Sustainability is understood as something integral in all the processes of the project, not as an additive and it is important that the proposals always make economic sense, respect the environment and adjust to the programme of needs that will always have an impact on a better experience for people.
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