Taiwan opens large Complex and Center for Pop Music, by Monteserín and team

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Monteserin Architects. Leader architect.- Manuel A. Monteserín Lahoz. Architects.- Beatriz pachón Castrillo, Javier Simó de Pedro.
Local Partner.- Mark Ongg.
Partner and project manager.- EDDEA.
Design team
Manuel Alvarez-Monteserín lahoz, Beatriz Pachon Castrillo, Javier Simó de Pedro, Meng Han Hsieh, Jose Lu, Yen Chu A’lvaro, Joren Huang, Yu-Lin Chan, Tsung-Lin Lee, Iñigo Redondo, Luis Marcos, Alicia Domingo, Beatriz Crespo, José María De Cárdenas, Luis Ybarra Gutiérrez, José Luis López de Lemus, José Carlos Oliva Garrido, Tomás Osborne Ruiz, Marian Bada Sánchez, Antonio Miguel García Librero, María Castro Hormigo, Manuel Tirado Crespo, Rosa Cantillana Merchante, Marco Antonio García Gálvez, Salvador Sanchez Gonzalez, Rubén Silva Lobato, Alejandra Díaz de Cárdenas, Esther Espejo Lucena, Fernando Gallinato Díaz, Isabel García Madrona, Angel Linares Garcia, José Buzón González, Carmen Zammarchi, Luis García Rodríguez. Team competition/Equipo concurso.- Manuel Alvarez-Monteserín Lahoz, Beatriz Pachón Castrillo, Javier Simó de Pedro, Luis Marcos Nieto, Iñigo Redondo Barranco, Alicia Domingo Medrano, Beatriz Crespo, Guiomar Contreras, Ismael García Abad, Angel Abruña, Jaime López, María Mallo Zurdo, Juan Ignacio Alvarez Monteserin Lahoz, Jorge López, Laura Martin, Teresa Santas, Sara Perez, Lain Satrustegui, Andrés Infantes, Antonio Alejandro. Joint venture.- Manuel Alvarez-Monteserín Lahoz, Javier Simó de Pedro, Andrés Infantes, Corona Pamaral, Mark Ongg.
Socio Local.- Mark Ongg. Partner and project manager/socio y gestión de proyecto.- EDDEA. Structural Consultant.- BAC ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY GROUP, Tec-Build United Structure Engineer Office, Federal Engineering Consultant Inc. MEP Consultant.- Parsons Brinckerhoff. Theatre Consultant.- Yitai Design Consultant. Acoustic Consultant.- XU – ACOUSTIQUE, Albert Xu. Transportation Consultant.- Chinese American Technology Corporation, Mei-Hwa Engineering Technology Consultants , Co. Landscape Consultant.- Old Farmer Landscape Architecture Co. Curtain Wall Consultant.- PKD Engineering Consultants. Lighting Design Consultant.- J.Y. Lighting Design. 3D Consultant.- Leaddao Technology. Environmental Science Consultant.- Environmental Science Corporation. Fire Protection Consultant.- JU JIANG FIREPROOFING TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Wind Tunnel Lab. Consultant.- Cheetah Industrial Aero-Dyna. Tech Co., Ltd. Green Building Consultant.- 巧矩工程顧問有限公司.
Kaohsiung City Government.
88,000 sqm.
€ 100,000,000.
Competition phase.- 2011. Construction completed.- 2021.
Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
Yi-Hsien-Lee, Kano Chang, Shun Chen, Terry.Chiang 江彥駐, Joemy Story_photo, Lo Ruey-Lin, Kevin Lin, Su, Bo-An, Mai.

Monteserin Architects

Manuel Monteserín is an architect, designer, artist and teacher. He directs the Monteserin Architects office, which focuses mainly on international projects. His latest work "Maritime and Pop Music Center in Kaohsiung" has been recently inaugurated. An 88,000 m2 complex in Taiwan consisting of two towers, two auditoriums, five restaurants, an exhibition center and six multi-purpose pavilions, as well as the entire urban development of the complex.

Monteserin Architects is among the 30 most influential firms in Spain according to The New York Times Style Magazine Spain. At the teaching level, it is worth mentioning his time at the I.E.D. INNOVATION LAB, from where he has promoted many projects, among others, The City on Mars, recently awarded by NASA.

On the artistic level, he works in the production of digital images from a more experimental field such as the Animalario series, or his Gif-Collages, or making final images for other architecture studios. Monteserín was one of the founders of León 11 Collective, from where he developed several projects and competitions with his colleagues.

Later he would create Manu-Facturas (www.manu-facturas.com), a place for digital experimentation of the image from where he develops his most artistic side. In 2011 he would form, along with two other partners from Madrid, the Madein Architects office where they would develop different international projects.

From 2015 he founded his own firm, Monteserin Architects, an independent architecture and design studio that is temporarily associated with different people or companies as a node of a large network of contemporary creation.

Among the recognitions that he has received throughout his professional career are the following:2019. SPECIAL MENTION. Casa de la Felicidad Competition in Bogotá. 2018. FIRST PRIZE UNIVERSITY LEAGUE. Competition for the design of the City of a million inhabitants on Mars. Prize awarded by NASA. Project carried out at the IED INNOVATION LAB.

2018. FIRST PRIZE DESIGN. Competition for the design of City of a million inhabitants on Mars. Prize awarded by NASA. Project carried out at the IED INNOVATION LAB. 2018. THIRD PRIZE. Competition for the design of public space in Tebaida (Colombia). 2018. FINALIST. Competition for the design of exhibitions in CASA MAHOU. Carried out with EMPTY.

2014. THIRD PRIZE. Competition for Feng-Shan station in Kaohsiung. 2012. FIRST PRIZE. Singular stations for the Kaohsiung tramway (Taiwan). Made In Architects together with CAF and EVERGREEN win the competition for the development of the tramway in the city of Kaohsiung. 2012. SPECIAL MENTION. Competition for the urban development of the Port of Helsinki. 2011. FIRST PRIZE.

International competition for the construction of The Maritime and Pop Music Center in Kaohsiung (Taiwan). Budget of 100,000,000 euros and 88,000 square meters of built area. Inaugurated in 2020. 2008. SPECIAL MENTION. Competition for the San Chinarro Market. Madrid. 2008. FIRST PRIZE. Competition for the Avilés Airport Car Park. 2008. SECOND PRIZE. International Urban Planning Competition in Yujiapu District, China.

2007. SPECIAL MENTION. EUROPAN 9 Competition. Lillestrom. Lillestrom. Norway. 2007. SECOND PRIZE. EUROPAN 9 Competition. Loures. Portugal.2007. SECOND PRIZE. EUROPAN 9 Competition. Badajoz. Spain. 2007. SECOND PRIZE. VORES BY. International competition for the City CARLSBERG in Copenhagen. 2004. SPECIAL MENTION. Competition for the Iberoamerican Biennial of Architecture. EMERGING ARCHITECTURE.



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