Visual relations, memory and transparencies. El Molí Library by Antonio Montes Gil

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Antonio Montes Gil.
Project team
Rosa Bertran Martimpé, AMB Architect; Irene Puig Escamilla, AMB Architect; Paula Beltrán Carlos, AMB Architect; Laura Gómez Ruiz, AMB architecture student.
Quantity Surveyor.- Maria Sánchez, AMB Technical Architect. Structures.-Juan Ignacio Eskubi, Architect; Eskubi-Turró Architects. MEP.- Higinio Arcos, Architect. Mur-architecture; Jesús de Santiago, Engineer. ICA-group.
GRUPMAS Constructors S.L i COTS i CLARET S.L.
City Council of Molins de Rei and AMB.
Library.- 2.004m². Total.- 4.713m².
14/01/2016 - 03/29/2019.
Plaza del 1 d’Octubre de 2017, nº2. 08750. Molins de Rei, Barcelona, Spain.

Antonio Montes Gil

Antonio Montes Gil was born in Manresa, Barcelona, ​​Spain in 1957. He obtained the title of architect from the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona in 1985. From 1988 to 2004 he was part of the Urban Projects office of the Barcelona City Council. Since 2004 he directs a team of projects and works for Public Space in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area. It has had its office in Barcelona since 1986.

His work has focused on projecting and building mainly urban transformation and public space projects, also equipment, and social housing.

He has obtained various recognitions and awards in competitions: Finalist project for the Europan IV contest. Residential building in Cartagena, 1996. First prize for ideas for remodeling the Vell de Masnou Market, 1997. Work selected at the V Biennial of Spanish Architecture, 1999. Selected work at the European Landscape Biennial, 2001, 2006, 2008. First prize for ideas competition in the Plaza Mayor de Manresa 2004. Finalist work for the Maresme architecture show, 2010. The first prize for ideas contests 44 Manresa social housing, 2003 and Social Housing Prize de Cataluña, 2012. Work selected by the COAC in the Sample of Catalan Architecture, 2013, and in Arquitectura 2019. Finalist work FAD awards, 2020.

He has taught courses, workshops, and conferences at the following institutions: Between 1994 and 2003.- College of Architects of Catalonia; Barcelona School of Architecture. In 1996.- Center for Physical Planning and Architecture. In 1997.- Havana. Velocity International Congress, Barcelona. In 1998.- Forum of Municipalities and Regions of Europe. Brussels.



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