67 dwellings in Valdebebas by Amann, Cánovas, Maruri

67 dwellings in Valdebebas by Amann, Cánovas, Maruri
primer premio en un concurso restringido [MAD] Spain
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
67 dwellings in Valdebebas by Amann, Cánovas, Maruri
The architects team based in Madrid, Amann, Cánovas, Maruri, was the winner in the restricted competition summoned by Viviendas Vicopal SL.
Amann, Cánovas, Maruri propose the realization of three towers, in this new neighborhood near the airport, with houses characterized by large windows and 180 degree views, generating an organization without a courtyard, but with an interior garden, which values the community and values the community and its encounters.

Description of project by Amann, Cánovas, Maruri

Instead of a place, characterized by compact and continuous fronts we opted to build three towers. Three slender buildings that allow the orientation of the containing apartments in three directions without disturbance, and the living areas to cover a 180 degree horizon, from the mountains of the Sierra of Madrid to the Skyline of the Castellana with its four towers, as well.

This arrangement allows for the disappearance of small interior courtyards and the discovery of an open garden, with light and views...read more

Atxu Amann Alcocer, Andrés Cánovas Alcar
az, Nicolás Maruri González de Mendoza
Partners Architects
Denis Calle Facal, Borja Aznar Montero,
Sálvora Féliz Ricoy, David Jiménez Iniesta
Structures.- Mecanismo Ingeniería.
Quantity survayor.- José Ignacio Ezquerra Martínez. Supplies.- eadAT Ingenieros
Viviendas Vicopal SL
Competition.- March 2017.
First project.- July 2017
Calle José Antonio Fernández Ordóñez nº8
. Valdebebas, Madrid. España Spain


Amann, Cánovas, Maruri, study founded by:
Atxu Amann Alcocer
Madrid 1961
Arquitecto por la ETSA de Madrid. http://amanncanovasmaruri.blogspot.com.es/
Doctorada por la ETSAM con sobres...read more