A building that emerges from the urbanization. Casal Trinitat Nova by Bayona-Valero and Cantallops-Vicente

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Design team
Marta Bayona, Albert Valero, Lluís Cantallops, Marta Vicente.
Architects.- Jaume Jalabert, Federico Cherchi. ETSAB students.- Maria del Olmo, Javier Salvador Culla. MSA student.- Anahi Ossio. Structure.- Bernuz Fernández arquitectes SLP / Manel Fernández, Meritxell Blasco. Facilities.- ARCBCN Consultors i Enginyers associats / Narcís Armengol. Technical architect.- Dalmau-Morros Tècnics SLP (Project phase) / Dídac Dalmau. Execution Direction.- TALLER 10. / Lluís Cañizares i Simó Artigues.
1,012.18 sqm.
Project.- 2015-2016. Construction.- 2017-2018.
Located between Palamós, Garbí and S'Agaró streets, in the Trinitat Nova neighborhood, Nou Barris district, Barcelona.

Marta Bayona Mas, Albert Valero Cabré. Lluís Cantallops Dalmau, Marta Vicente Carrió. Bayona Valero Aarquitectes + Cantallops-Vicente Arquitectes

Bayona Valero Aarquitectes, founded by the architects Marta Bayona Mas (Barcelona 1971, ETSAB) and Albert Valero Cabré (Barcelona 1971, ETSAB) in 2000, combine professional practice with teaching.

Cantallops -Vicente Arquitectes, founded by the architects Lluís Cantallops Dalmau (Barcelona 1971, ETSAB) and Marta Vicente Carrió (Barcelona 1971, ETSAB) in the year 2000.

The studios, founded in Barcelona, have collaborated and developed projects both in parallel and jointly since 2000. Among the most outstanding projects of the studios there are:

- Housing development 60 VPO PIEZA “B” Illa Glòries, Barcelona. Institut Municipal Habitatge Barcelona / Barcelona City Council
- Equipment Set “Illa Mercat del Guinardó” REGESA– Barcelona City Council.
- IRB Lleida Biomedical Research Institute Building (Module I and II), Health Campus, Arnau de Vilanova Hospital, Lleida. University of Lleida.
-Leida Faculty of Medicine, Hospital Arnau de Vilanova, Lleida. University of Lleida.
-15 VPO Riera-Riereta Homes in Premià de Dalt, El Maresme.
-Hockey Field Sports Venue and related services, Mataró.
-Building 50 homes for young people, Les Corts, Barcelona. INCASÒL - Generalitat de Catalunya.



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