A dialogue with the urban environment. Red Star Stadium by Clèment Blanchet Architecture and SCAU

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Engineering.- SETEC, TESS Ingénierie, Franck Boutté Consultants, INEX. Renderings / moving images.- Plomp. Branding & Marketing.- Saguez & Partners. Expert consultant.- JCD Consulting, Vanguard, Mall & Market.
40,000 sqm.
€ 180,000,000.
Saint-Ouen, Sena-Saint Denis, Paris, France.


Clément Blanchet Architecture (cBA) is an innovative architecture and urban design practice that brings together multidisciplinary and multicultural actors on themes around the city, architecture and all media related to it. The firm approaches the design of architecture, infrastructure and the city as necessarily interrelated, and in negotiation with planning, development and public space. The practice is structured as a laboratory, informing and generating architecture and urbanism out of the conditions of the city and territory.

The synergy between theory and practice is the base of its methodological approach. The practice engages the consciousness of reality, of the real world, but also the analysis of phenomena – environmental, developmental, economic - that affect and feed architecture. This methodology not only deals with inventions but also with manipulations, making program legible, and ensuring resilience and durability over time. This structure operates at multiple scales; from designing interiors to public cultural facilities, while considering specific approaches in the areas of education, housing, infrastructure, landscape and urbanism. The firm has also developed tools for dialogue with different urban and project actors, aimed to place the user at the heart of the creative process.

Clément Blanchet is Principle of Clément Blanchet Architecture (cBA) and a former Associate of the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), where he joined in 2004.

In 2011, Clement Blanchet was appointed Director of OMA France, with whom cBA continues to collaborate with on ongoing projects led by Blanchet.

He graduated with high honours from the Architectural school of Versailles and has been an invited critic in France, England, Holland, Switzerland, Denmark & Sweden. He currently teaches at Paris Val de Seine Architectural School and ESA. Clément Blanchet divides his time between this firm in Paris and the United States where he also teaches at the University of Michigan and Rice University.


SCAU Architecture

SCAU Architecture is a french studio located in Paris formed by the architects Guillaume Baraïbar, Maxime Barbier, Bernard Cabannes, Mathieu Cabannes, Luc Delamain and François Gillard.

They have carried out numerous projects since the end of the 2000s such as the Halle polyvalente in Troyes in 2008, Vergers de la Plaine in 2012, the Velodrome Stadium of the Olympique de Marseille, the Rectorship in 2016 or the Maubeuge Zoo in France, among others.

The SCAU Architecture studio knows how to work very well with large-scale projects with very different programs, these projects show their own identity and with unique characteristics together with a very marked composition and logic.



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