A house inside a water tower by Wirth Alonso Architekten

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Wirth Alonso Architekten Katrin Wirth + Daniel Alonso González
Structure calculations.- Jan Schwochow. Metal structures and fittings.- Metallbau Mählis. Wooden structures.- Zimmerei Schulz. Electrical.- Elektro Scholz. Plumbing and heating.- Haustechnik Schade. Woodwork.- MB Fensterbau und Tischlerei Mike Beelitz. Partitions.- Hummel-Bau-Potsdam GmbH. Sandblasting.- Manfred Weiß. Demolition.- AVUS Entsorgungs GmbH. Floors.- Estrich Ullrich. Paint work.- Maler Mende.
Lot area.- 667 m². Usable floor area.- 130 m². Gross area.- 186 m². Volume.- 471 m³.
Original building.- ca. 1910. Project duration.- 2014 - 2017. Start/End of construction.- 03/2016 – 04/2017.
Werderscher Damm 5. 14471 Potsdam, Alemania.

Katrin Wirth + Daniel Alonso, Wirth Alonso Architekten

Wirth Alonso Architekten. Studio based in Berlin that develops projects mainly in Germany. It consists of two architects: Katrin Wirth, architect by the Technische Universität de Darmstadt, collegiate in Berlin, and Daniel Alonso, collegiate in Madrid and an architect by the UAX Polytechnic School and also a technical architect by the EUATM, Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Both have collaborated in architectural studies in Madrid, Frankfurt am Main and Berlin, where they currently reside and work.



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