A nature conjugation. Eñe House by Estudio Albar

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Project team
Daniel Lozano, Irene García.
250 sqm.
Madrid, Spain.
Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán, Rocío Romero).

Irene García, Daniel Lozano. Estudio Albar

Estudio Albar is an architecture studio founded by Irene García and Daniel Lozano when they were still architecture students in 2013.

They develop projects in a personal way and focused on the particularities of each client, each space and each place. A simple architecture, without artifice, adapted to people and always focused on detail.

They have developed residential projects, hotels, restaurants, renovations, small-scale furniture design and large industrial warehouses. But that same path has meant that since 2019 their activity has focused solely on single-family homes, energy efficiency and industrialized wood construction with healthy and natural materials.

The way they work is born from conversations with clients, where they know their concerns to develop a proposal that must be born from a simple idea, a scheme, offering a complete experience and solving the problem in all its scales.



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