A nursery prepared for holding events. Tsukuigaoka Kindergarten by Naf Architect & Design

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Naf Architect & Design.
Architects.- Akio Nakasa, (Principal Architect), Teppei Amano.
Structure Engineers.- Yosuke Misaki/ EQSD.
MEP Engineers.- Setsubikeikaku Co. Ltd, Shigehiro Nakamura, Takumi Ikeda.
Design cooperation.- monokraft + CEDO (chairs and desks for kindergarteners).
Area.-  640 sqm.
Site area.- 2330.880 sqm.
Building area.- (classroom building) 499.690 sqm (hall building) 221.500 sqm.
Total floor area.- (classroom building) 462.070 sqm (hall building) 178.870 sqm.
Design period.- July 9, 2020 to August 1, 2021.
Construction period.- August 2, 2021 - July 29, 2022.
Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.
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Tetsuya Nakazono, Akio Nakasa Naf Architect and Design

Naf Architect & Design, founded in 2000 by Tetsuya Nakazono and Akio Nakasa, is an architecture studio with offices in Hiroshima and Tokyo.

Tetsuya Nakazono architect, co-founder of Naf Architect & Design, was born in Miyazaki Prefecture in 1972. Architect for Hiroshima University, Faculty of Engineering, Class 4 (Construction), in 1995, and completed the master's course in environmental engineering, in 1997 for the Graduate School of Engineering, Hiroshima University.

He co-founded the NAF architecture studio in 2000, and a year later he co-founded the Nuff Architect and Design studio. Between 2012 and 2019, he belonged to Sojo University (formerly Kumamoto Institute of Technology), between 2016 and 2018 to the Graduate School of Creative Sciences and Engineering at Waseda University where he withdrew from the doctoral course. He became an Architect and Design Advisor, in 2019, in addition to being an associate professor in the Department of Architecture for the Graduate School of Engineering, Hiroshima University, in the same year
Structural Quality Assurance Research Institute SRF Award of Excellence Award, in 2015, for Shell Porous, Born from the Blessings of Nature, Urban Greening Project.
AACA Award from the Architectural Arts and Crafts Association of Japan, in 2014 (Grand Prize), Glass House for Divers.
Newcomer Award from the Japan Arts and Crafts Association.
Architectural, in 2014 (special award), MECENAT ART PROJECT.
Facility and Environmental Design Award, in 2014, Division III, Grand Prize in the Environmental Design category, Glass House for Divers.

Akio Nakasa architect, co-founder of Naf Architect & Design, was born in Hiroshima Prefecture, in 1971, graduated from Hiroshima University, Faculty of Engineering, Class 4 (Construction), in 1995 and in
In 1997 he completed the master's course at the Graduate School of Science and Engineering at Waseda University.

Until 2000 he worked at the Riken Yamamoto Design Factory, the year in which he co-founded the NAF architecture studio, and a year later the Nuff Architect and Design studio. Naf Architect and Design Representative, in 2019, and part-time professor in the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Science and Technology, Meiji University, in 2021.

Featured Architecture Selection from the Institute of Architects of Japan, in 2023, Masakazu Kindergarten, Tsunagi Kindergarten, Machida, Tsunagi Shuttle Morino Kindergarten, Haramachida Connection Kindergarten, and Haramachida Connection-Making Kindergarten Plus.
JIA Tohoku Architecture Prize, in 2023.
Architecture Prize, in 2022, New Minami Foods factory.
GOOD DESIGN Award, in 2021, Masakazu Kindergarten.
Dedalo Minosse 2018/19 (Italy International Architecture Prize), in 2019.



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