A sequence of situations. Ja House by BIZNA estudio

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Lead architects.- BIZNA estudio (Rocío García + Pedro Torres).
Structures + Systems.- Rocío García Peña + Pedro Torres García-Cantó.
200 sqm.
Project.- 2019.
Construction.- 2020-2021.
Los Prados, Albacete, Spain.
Imagen subliminal (Miguel de Guzman + Rocío Romero).

Rocío García Peña, Pedro Torres García-Cantó. BIZNA estudio

BIZNA estudio. Architecture firm established by Rocío García Peña (Bilbao, 1988) and Pedro Torres García-Cantó (Albacete, 1987), in Madrid, in 2016. Both architects from the Escuela Técnica Superior de Madrid (ETSAM-UPM), being international students in Nantes (France) and Newark (USA). Previously, Rocío worked at FRPO arquitectos, RAUM4142 and OYO architects (Belgium). Pedro worked at Extremadura Temperatures, Alberich-Casqueiro and Interboro Partners (New York). Together they worked in the Cabinet of Architecture-Solano Benítez (Paraguay).

Currently based in Madrid with projects throughout the country. At BIZNA studio we are dedicated to the practice of architecture and design focused on respect for materials and their manufacture. We work locally to promote understanding of the context (cultural, constructive, economic, energy ...) and thus be able to adapt and update it.

We highlight the project “TELECLUB WITH MATTRESSES THERMAL”, located in Noviercas (Soria), which was 1st PRIZE in the project competition and whose work has obtained a SPECIAL MENTION in the Hispalyt Architecture and Tile Awards (Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Bricks and Tiles) and is a FINALIST (nominated) of the 62nd edition of the FAD 2020 Awards for Architecture and Interior Design.




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