All under one roof. House transformation in Basel by Focketyn del rio studio

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Focketyn del Rio Studio GmbH, Basel. Lead architects.- Miquel del Rio + Hans Focketyn.
Design team
Letizia Fürer, Anna Kuhli, Alastair Lock, Aljoscha Lanz, Angela Brasanac, Christina Fernandez, Dalila Godbahne, Carolina Osorio, Francessco Maria di Giusepp, Hajdin, Draguscha, Iris Carratala, Jaime Pesio Suso, Jonathan Bürgel, Felipe Bermudez Murillo, Joshua Thomson, Juan Pablo Gallego, Juan Pablo Pineda Vergara, Manuela Navarro, Marco Bamberger, Marco Lenherr, Marion Cruz, Pierre Marmy, Raphael Rattier, Santiago Martinez, Tomas Eduardo Echeverri, Montoya, Tomas Guerra, Vida Amani, Xavier Uriach, Xenia Heid.
General designer.- Arge Kaserne Hauptbau (Focketyn del Rio Studio GmbH + Caretta Weidmann Baumanagement AG, Basel + Schnetzer Puskas Ingenieure AG).
Site supervision.- Caretta Weidmann Baumanagement AG, Basel.
Structure.- Schnetzer Puskas Ingenieure AG.
Ehrsam Beurret Partner AG, Pratteln.
Fire regulations.- fire protection.
Heating.- Stefan Graf Engineering Office, Basel.
Ventilation.- Treuthardt Haustech, Binningen.
Unico Gebäudetechnik AG, Basel + Suiselectra Ingenieurunternehmen AG, Basel.
Electrical systems.- Hefti Hess Martignoni, Aarau.
Acoustics.- applied acoustics GmbH, Gelterkinden.
Stage design.- Ducks Scéno, Paris + Wibbeke & Penders GmbH, Berlin.
City of Basel (Bau und Verkehrsdepartement des Kantons Basel-Stadt).
Building Volume SIA 416.- 36,000 m³.
Gross area SIA 416.- 9’394 m².
Competition.- 2013.
Planning start.- 2014.
Construction site start.- 2018.
Finalisation.- 2022.
Kasernenhof 8, 4057 Basel, Switzerland.
Total costs (including taxes) - €44,303,616.60€ (CHF 46,000,000).

Studio Focketyn Del Río

Focketyn Del Río Studio. Miquel del Río and Hans Focketyn met in 2005 working in leading architecture firms in Basel and developed a relation based in the cultural scene of the Swiss city. They started collaborating punctually as independent offices from 2012 and found matching paths in a certain way of seeing architecture, leading naturally to the opening of Focketyn Del Río Studio in 2013.

Focketyn Del Río Studio works in a wide range of scales varying from small refurbishes to master plans and from private commissions to open competitions. It has been awarded with several competition prices and recognitions, including Kaserne Kopfbau Umbau (the refurbish of the military barracks in Basel into cultural centre, a major project in the city) and Foundation Award 2014 (given to the most promising architecture practice in Switzerland each year).



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