The complexity and fluidity of the ocean. Wave One by FAAB Architektura

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Proyect team
Adam Białobrzeski, Adam Figurski, Maria Messina, Anna Miłosz, Mikołaj Szewczyk.
Concrete structure engineers.-Kappa Projekt. Steel structure engineers.- PF Projekt. Electrical/Sanitary engineers.- Profen.
Invicta Clinics and Medical Laboratories.
3160 sqm.
64 Polna Str., Sopot, Pologne.

Adam Bialobrzeski, Adam Figurski. FAAB Architekture

FAAB Architekture. Architecture studio was established in Warsaw and founded by Adam Bialobrzeski and Adam Figurski. It is formed by the founding architects with over 10 years of experience and a large staff. FAAB design all Kinds of projects like rehabilitation projects from the ground adaptation projects, renovation of existing facilities, use change projects, and domestic reforms... They have designed several urban projects. They work for private companies, domestic and foreign institutions, and public companies. Besides, they work for different investors in Poland, France, Belgium, USA, Austria and Israel.

They have won numerous competitions. In 2013 they won the competition for the architectural and urban development of the spa area in Uniejow. In 2011 they won the competition for a residential, office and commercial area in Keller Park, in Warsaw or the competition in 2007 of the Regional Blood Center in Poland, among others.

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