Contemporary intervention in a traditional Sevillian house. Domus Atrio by González Morgado Arquitectura

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Design team
Juan Manuel González Morgado.
351 sqm.
Knauf, Strugal, Roca, Vibia.
Lepe, Huelva, Spain.

González Morgado Arquitectura

Juan Manuel González Morgado graduated with honors as an Architect from ETSAS, University of Seville between 2009-2014. He obtained his Final Degree Project with honors with the title of "The Intellectual Industry" in the intervention in the Royal Artillery Factory of Seville.

His publications include Mobile City, in the Department of Architectural Theory and Composition ESTAS, Münich, Architecture and city, in the Department of ETSAS Projects, among others. As participation in exhibitions in 2014 such as the Intervention in the Industrial Heritage in the Royal Artillery Factory of Seville

In his professional experience, he has participated as an architect in the international studio of Rafael de La-Hoz Arquitectos in Madrid in 2014 and also in the architecture studio T10 Team in Seville. However, a year after finishing his degree, he founded his own studio, González Morgado Arquitectura, and has developed numerous projects in his names such as the Domus Atrio house, the Casa Bruma, or La Bezel House.

The focus of his projects arises from a double commitment: the will to give a technical response to a specific context and the desire to seek beauty through the built work, pursuing the satisfaction of all those who actively participate in the development. Especially from users, but also from collaborators, builders, and designers. In the professional trajectory, very different types of buildings are collected. Jobs done with high budgets and done with low budgets, but in all cases, great attention has been paid to the economy, without waste. Another characteristic of the process is continuity, with the environment that must be respected, but also understood from a spatial and temporal point of view, valuing architecture that is capable of crossing time without becoming obsolete.



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