Deduction of a typology. The Aviator by ALTA architectes - urbanistes

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Project team
Project Manager.- Espacil Accession + Espacil Habitat.
Developer.- Territoires.
Urban Planner.- Studio Paola Vigano + Charles Dard (landscaper).
Structure engineering.- Ouest Structures.
Fluids / Thermal Engineering.- Thalem.
Acoustic Engineering.- Acoustibel - Polyexpert Environnement.
Business.- Cabinet Lemonnier.
Control Office / Safety & Health Protection.- BTP Consultant.
Project Manager Assistant / Cerqual 9*.- Polyexpert Environnement.
Landscaper.- D’Ici là.
3,462 sqm GFA (Gross Floor Area) - 3,135 sqm Living Area.
ZAC la Courrouze, Saint-Jacques de la Lande, Rennes, France.
Major Works.- Angevin.
Facades Cleaning.- GONI.
Waterproofing.- Soprema.
Exterior Woodwork.- Menuiserie Brossault.
Locksmith / Metalwork.- SER AL FER.
Collective Garage Door.- ABF.
Interior Woodwork.- Menuiserie Brossault.
Drywall / Insulation.- Gadby.
Floor Coverings / Earthenware.- Audran.
Wall Painting.- GONI.
Elevator.- KONE.
Plumbing / Heating / Controlled.- BST.
Electricty.- Bernard Electricité.
Low Voltage.- Lepage Electronique.
Green Spaces / Landscaping.- Jourdanière Nature.

Maxime Le Trionnaire, Gwénaël Le Chapelain --- Alain Tassot, Jean-Luc Le Trionnaire ALTA ARCHITECTS

ALTA Architectes - Urbanistes | Le Trionnaire - Le Chapelain is a team structured around four associated architects.

Maxime Le Trionnaire and Gwénaël Le Chapelain, DPLG architects, met in 1997 at the Nantes School of Architecture. After graduating in 2004, they worked in several renowned agencies (Architecture-Studio, Block, Duncan Lewis, Stéphane Maupin, X-tu). The Monitor nominated them for the “First work prize” in 2008. In 2010, they joined forces. Since then they have been developing collaboration and continue to refine their architectural visions.  

ALTA Architectes - Urbanistes brings together around twenty employees who work on a contemporary, contextual and responsive architecture Each architectural project tends towards its own singularity, respectful of the suggested program.

In 2014 their agency won the European award “40 UNDER 40” which rewards emerging generation of European architects and designers under 40 years old.

Alain Tassot and Jean-Luc Le Trionnaire, DPLG architects, have worked together in Rennes since 1990. Rich in major projects in the different spheres related to public or private orders, they founded a/LTA Architects – Planners Agency in 2002. 




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