Dialogue between the city and the port. Conditioning of the Porto Do Son port edge by CREUSeCARRASCO + rvr arquitectos

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CREUSeCARRASCO. Lead architects.- Juan Creus, Covadonga Carrasco.
rvr arquitectos. Lead architects.- Marcial Rodríguez, José Valladares, Alberto Redondo.
Project team
- CREUSeCARRASCO team.- Sara Escudero, Alicia Balbás, Elena Junquera, Miriam Núñez, Mónica Rodriguez, Iago Otero, Laura Fernández, Alba Pérez.
- RVR team.- Andrea Vázquez Costas, Teresa García Vega, Rebeca Juncal.
Structure.- Feliz Suarez.
Landscape Engineering.- Roi Martínez.
Facilities Engineering.- Luis Durán
Project Supervision and Management.- Portos de Galicia, Pedro Urquijo, Ingenieros CCP, Juan A Rodríguez.
Technical Architecture (Co-direction).- Roberto Núñez, CCP Engineer. Juan Iglesias (ICEACSA).
Portos de Galicia / Consellería do Mar / Xunta de Galicia.
UTE Canarga / Abeconsa.- Esteban González, José L Rodríguez.
Urbanization.- 25,843.24 sqm.
Nautical Services Building.- 719.42 sqm.
Project date.- 2018.
Completion of the project.- 2022.
Porto Do Son, A Coruña, Spain.

Juan Creus, Covadonga Carrasco. CREUSeCARRASCO

CREUSeCARRASCO is an architecture studio based in A Coruña founded in 1994 by Juan Creus (Cée, 1966), doctor of architecture and tenured professor of projects at the ETSA of A Coruña, and Covadonga Carrasco (Ribadeo, 1965).

In 2021 they have been Mentioned by the CSCAE Spanish Architecture Award and the Galician Architecture Award for the Social Center in Cornido. Also Second Prize for the Juana de Vega Architecture Award for Casa Elías in Corcubión and, with a project about the Cans Festival, they participated again in the Venice Architecture Biennale with the Spanish Pavilion. They are creators of the recent MUV, Art Center of the María José Jove Foundation, the first 100% virtual museum in Spain. In 2016 they received the Galician Architecture Award and the BEAU Award (both for Casa Chao in Corcubión), also participating (with Remodeling of the Port of Malpica) in the Venice Architecture Biennale with the Spanish Pavilion, winner of the Golden Lion They have been nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award (2015 - Casa Chao) and won the Ar+d Emerging Architecture Award, granted by Architectural Review and the RIBA (2011 - Malpica). They were also Special Mention at the FAD Awards (2014 - Casa Chao) and Special Mention of the Jury at the BEAU (2011 - Malpica). They have won the ENOR Galicia Award (2007 – Lonja de Fisterra), COAG de Obra Nova (2011 – Casa Mercedes in A Coruña), Espazo Público (2011 - Malpica and 2000 – Plaza in Lugo) and Rehabilitation (2002 – Fundación Luís Seoane) , as well as the Juana de Vega Architecture Award (2018 – Casa C, 2015 – Casa Chao and 2013 – Casa en Redonda). In 2007 they were the participating Galician studio in the V Encontros Internacionais de Arquitectura. There are different monographic publications on his work, such as the books 1+1 (Uzina), Architecture 2000-2012 (TC), Remodeling of the Port of Malpica (OYS), Lonxa de Fisterra (Atlante) and Fundación Luis Seoane (Concello da Coruña).

Juan Creus is the creator and co-director of the magazine O monografías and author of books such as A Terra das Mil Belezas, Terra o Viaxe á Fin da Terra (also with Covadonga Carrasco), both collaborate in different magazines and forums related to the territory and the architecture. From his studio they publish the magazine RESINA. With his interventions they intend to reinvent the nearby landscape as a generic form.

Alberto Redondo Porto, José Valladares Durán, Marcial Rodríguez Rodríguez. rvr arquitectos

rvr arquitectos is an architecture studio founded by Alberto Redondo Porto, José Valladares Durán, Marcial Rodríguez Rodríguez with headquarters in Santiago de Compostela. The studio has extensive experience in outdoor environment work as well as in home design.

They have been awarded several times with prizes such as the Juana de Vega Prize for Interventions in Heritage 2017, the World Heritage Cities Prize or the V Enor Galicia Prize.



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