Integrating into the context. 66 apartments with terraces by Estudio Muñoz Miranda

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Estudio Muñoz Miranda.- Alejandro Muñoz Miranda.
Project team
Preliminary Project, Basic Project, Execution Project, Construction Management and Construction Completion.- José C. Díaz Montes, José Manuel García Ibañez.
Basic Project and Execution Project.- Ángel Aguilera Delgado, Mar Martín de las Mulas Moreno, Enrico Tossici.
Basic Project.-Luis Iañez García.
Energy study and facilities calculation.- Juan de Dios Tunis Jerónimo.
Health and Safety Study.- Pedro Antonio González Garrido.
Measurement and Budgets.- Daniel Alcázar.
Construction Manager.- Alejandro Muñoz Miranda.
Surveyor.- Manuel Caba.
Installations.- Manuel Gómez Pastor. Telecoms.- Francisco López Julián. Structural Calculation.- CALCONSA XXI SLU. Developer/Owner.- Metrovacesa.
Construction Company.- Cartuja Inmobiliaria SAU.
7128.7 sqm over ground.
3082.75 sqm underground.
La Galera I, 2nd phase, Estepona, Málaga, Spain.

Alejandro Muñoz Miranda. Muñoz Miranda Arquitectos

Alejandro Muñoz Miranda is doctor in Architecture from the University of Granada. He won the First National Award of End of Degree granted by the Ministry of Education in 1999. He made a Research and Training Scholarship for University Teaching Staff 2000-2003 from the Ministry of Education, and a Research stay (2002-2003) at Columbia University under the tutelage of Kenneth Frampton for the development of his doctoral thesis, concluding it in 2011 under the title "The use of the technique in architectural conception: towards a tectonic ethics". He is professor of Architectural Projects since 2007 and Deputy Director of International Relations since 2016 at the E.T.S. of Architecture of Granada.

In 2000 he exhibited his work at the VII Venice Architecture Biennale under the curatorship of Alberto Campo Baeza and in 2008 he was selected for the exhibition "Young Architects of Spain (JAE-YAS)" organized by the Ministry of Housing, which has toured Europe and America. In 2013, his work was selected for the XII Spanish Architecture and Urbanism Biennial and he was a finalist in the IX Arquia Biennial / Thesis Competition of the Caja de Arquitectos Foundation. It is the "García de Paredes" Award for the best work built 2005-2008 by the Official College of Architects of Granada. In 2018 he published the bilingual book entitled "The space between heaven and earth" with the publisher Nobuko-Diseño Editorial. In 2019 his work was a finalist in the FAD Awards in the architecture category, in the Dezeen Awards, and the BIGMAT awards.

In 2020 it has been awarded by the Official College of Architects of Malaga with the Second Prize for the best work built 2018-2020. He has won and has been a finalist in several national and international architectural competitions. His constructed work has been published in numerous national and international indexed magazines such as Arquitectura Viva, AV, 2G, On Diseño, Metalocus, Detail, Bauwelt, Mark, Speech, Arhitectura, AIT Magazine, AMC Le Moniteur, and others, and in international books by the publishers Gustavo Gili, Pencil, Loft, Links, Daab.



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