Light as a scenographic space. House in La Jara by Alejandro Ortiz and Gonzalo Cantos

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Tedeco Ingenieros, Ava Ingenieria, Plan Ve Paisajismo.
San Telmo.
240 sqm.
Built.- 2022.
La Jara, Sanlucar De Barrameda, Cadiz, Spain.

Alejandro Ortiz

Alejandro Ortiz is an architect with a double professional degree, from the University of Seville in Spain in 2006, and from the University of Florianópolis in Brazil in 2014, born in Cádiz in May 1979.

His projects are divided according to his passions between architecture, from the action of his work, and landscape and photography in a reflective and contemplative way.

He has a full commitment to architecture because he believes in its ability to improve our quality of life, our daily life, solving from the simplest or pragmatic issues to the most complex or subjective ones.

His desire is to be able to offer a personalized service that responds to needs, presenting functional, environmental, technical, economic and design solutions that exceed any initial expectations that the client may have.

Gonzalo Cantos Ma I arquitecturas

Ma I Arquitecturas is an architecture studio founded by Gonzalo Cantos, architect from the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Seville in 2005, which is made up of a transversal and multidisciplinary team of professionals and consultants passionate about architecture, the city and the landscape. .

With a passion for what is different, Gonzalo has traveled through a dozen cities on different continents for academic and professional reasons. This need to constantly explore new worlds has allowed it to incorporate tools to understand and propose architectures from the social, economic and environmental complexity of our global world.

Committed to training and knowledge exchange, he has been a guest professor at several universities, as well as a speaker at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the European Regional Science Association or the American Institute of Architects.

His interest in research and dissemination has led him to develop extensive work curating exhibitions and forums such as 'Die Gumperdoferstrasse', Vienna, 2010; AIA Annual Conference, Seville, 2012; or the AIA International Conference, Moscow, 2017.



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