Manufacturing and Administrative Pilana Karbid Building by Ellement architects

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Project team
Hana Maršíková, Jitka Ressová, Jan Pavézka, Kateřina Páterová, Jakub Bachman, Ondřej Stolařík.
Construction engineer.- Pavel Ohnoutek. Structural engineer.- Pavel Gurecký.
Project size.- 327 sqm. Site size.- 367 sqm.
Project year.- 2016-2018. Completion year.- 2018-2019.
Lighting.– Halla. LIPO 60. Office seating.– RIM CZ. Flexi. Acustics elements.– LIKO-S. SilentPET.
Nádražní 804, 768 24 Hulín, Czech Republic.

J.Ressová, H.Maršíková, H.Víšková y J.Pavézka Ellement architects

Ellement has been working in the field of architecture and design since 2002. By connecting these fields, there is an active dialogue, the result of which is a comprehensive way of visualization and further processing of individual projects down to the smallest detail.

His accomplishments range from urban studies, through public spaces, commercial buildings to single-family home designs, smaller and larger reconstructions, commercial and private interiors, and product design. Part of the work on the product is also a subsequent presentation at fairs (company stand designs, etc.). Independent activities include the creation of exhibition project facilities and partnering with institutions and curators.

As an office operating in Zlín, they have long focused on rebuilding various types of Baťa houses, including the exterior, interior processing, and extension design. As residents of the city, the popularization of local architecture and its heritage is also important to them. One of the results of this approach was, for example, the exhibition "My Baťa House". Members of the bureau are involved in the civic and architecture association, which organizes conferences and author tours.

The founding team of the office is made up of Jitka Ressová (a member of the Chamber of Architects), Hana Maršíková (a member of the Chamber of Architects), Helena Víšková (a member of the Chamber of Architects) and Jan Pavézka.



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