MendiStoa. Intervention in a school playground by RUE and Yoldi Arbizu

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RUE architects, Iñigo Yoldi Arbizu.
Project team
Iñigo Yoldi Arbizu, Raul Montero Martínez, Emilio Pardo Rivacoba.
Structure.- Josep Agustí de Ciurana.
HMB Obras y Servicios.
461 m².
Design.- May 2022.
Construction.- October 2022.
CPEIP J.M. Espinal Olcoz. C. las Escuelas, 2, 31150 Mendigorria. Navarra, Spain.
Raul Montero Martínez.

Raúl Montero, Emilio Pardo. RUE

RUE is an architecture studio based in Pamplona, ​​founded ten years ago and led by Raul Montero Martínez and Emilio Pardo Rivacoba, architects from ETSASS of the EHU-UPV. They work with all types of clients (private, public), at all scales (from urban planning to furniture), and in very different environments (city, periphery, isolated centers), focusing our activity mainly on the field of housing and space. public.

They carry out a detailed and respectful work, paying special attention to taking care of the environment and the history of the place, so that these are legible after the intervention. The result is meticulous and sensitive interventions that also reflect their commitment to the environment and their desire to innovate. At the same time, they are consistent with the current situation, so they are flexible and know how to adapt their project strategy to the economic reality of the users, as well as to the current regulatory framework.

RUE have been the winner of some contests and with some recognition along the way: 2016 COAVN Award, nomination for the 2017 EU Mies Award, 2017 Ascer Award Special Mention, 2021 COAA Award Finalists, and 2021 Mapei Awards Finalists.

Iñigo Yoldi Arbizu

Iñigo Yoldi Arbizu. Architect by the ETSASS of the EHU-UPV, regular collaborator of RUE. Currently living in rural areas, he has studied and worked in Delft, Lisbon and Barcelona. Founder of ARCHICOSAS, creative and educational architecture, together with Elena Albert, architect and performer.

The understanding achieved during these years of practicing the profession of architect as the ultimate responsible technician requires having a holistic vision and accompanying the client from the beginning to the end of the process, helping to make decisions and deal with the intervening agents; always linked to the needs and economic possibilities of each situation.
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