Moving grid. New construction of an office building by Tchoban Voss Architekten

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Sergei Tchoban, Axel Binder and Liza Gradinarova.
Project management: M.F.P.N. Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG.- Structural engineering: Ingenieurbüro Bendel Bradke & Lang GmbH.- Building equipment: PlanB - Beratende Ingenieure GmbH.- Shell: Mastiok Bau GmbH.- Facade, concrete parts: GBJ Geithner Betonmanufaktur Joachimsthal GmbH.- Planning details facade: IBF Ingenieurbüro Franke.- Windows: Hans Timm Fensterbau GmbH & Co. KG.- Metal construction: Metallbau Holger Gottschalk.- Ventilation system: ST Gebäudetechnik GmbH.- Heating, sanitation: WES GmbH.- Elevators: Schindler Aufzüge und Fahrtreppen GmbH.- Car elevators: Tepper Aufzüge GmbH.- Fire protection: Ingenieurbüro Arndt-Weiher-Koch.- Sound insulation and room acoustics: Ingenieurbüro Axel C. Rahn GmbH, Berlin; Akkustikbüro Hoffmeier.
Grundstuecksgesellschaft Greifswalder Straße 226 bR, Berlin, a company of the GbR Nagel & Padovicz.
2,100 sqm
October 2019
Greifswalder Str. 226 - Heinrich-Roller-Str. 13, Pankow, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin Germany.

Sergei Tchoban, Ekkehard Voss. Tchoban Voss Architekten

Tchoban Voss Architekten is a German architecture firm, founded by Sergei Tchoban, Ekkehard Voss, that have developed construction projects all over Germany as well as in Russia, Turkey and the Arabian countries. They develop, draft, plan and build for both regional and international clients, in the public and private sector.

In addition to residential and business buildings, they focus on planning hotels, trade facilities, office complexes, leisure time facilities, schools, educational and social facilities, as well as reconstructions and revitalizations of historical monuments.

They have been providing all architectural services − from interior architecture to general planning − ever since they went into business.

Sergei Tchoban

Sergei Tchoban. Having got the architecture education in Saint Petersburg Sergei Tchoban successfully works in Germany since the beginning of 1990s. Since 1995 he has been running the Berlin office of bureau “nps tchoban voss”. Such significant buildings of Berlin as the cinema “Kubiks”, the gallery “Arndt”, complex “AquaDom”, synagogue in Muenstersche strasse and many other buildings and complexes in Berlin and other cities of Germany were realized upon his projects. In parallel with his work in Germany S. Tchoban has been actively designing in Russia since 2003. In 2006 through the merger with the bureau S. P. Project together with Sergey Kuznetsov co-founded the SPEECH architectural office and became its managing partner. In 2008, together with Sergey Kuznetsov he established the architectural magazine speech :. In 2009 he founded the Tchoban Foundation - Museum for Architectural Drawing.

Tchoban was the curator of the Russian pavilion at the Venice Biennale of Architecture two times: in 2010 he curated the project “Russia Factory” (together with Sergey Kuznetsov, Pavel Khoroshilov, Grigory Revzin), in 2012 – the project “i-city/i-land” (together with the commissary of the pavilion Grigory Revzin, co-curator Sergey Kuznetsov and Valery Kashirina), which was awarded with a Special Mention – the first time that Russia won an award at the Architectural Biennale. In 2013-2014, he headed a graduate studio at the Moscow School of Architecture. Since 2011 Sergei Tchoban has been a member of the City Planning Council of the Skolkovo Foundation. Since 2013 he has been a member of the Architectural Council of the Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning of the City of Moscow.




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