New business look. Fabrika by EQUI + BIEME

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Construcciones Amenabar, S.A.
4,500 sqm.
Year.- 2022.
Donostia, San Sebastian. Basque Country, Spain.

Mikel Arrillaga Mayoz. BIEME

BIEME is an architecture studio founded by Mikel Arrillaga Mayoz, Architect from the School of Architecture of the Gipuzkoa Campus of the University of the Basque Country-Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea, in September 2014.

Develops projects in different fields of architecture, both in building and planning, interior design, etc., responding to the requirements demanded by different clients. The studio's work prioritizes the needs of each client to achieve optimal quality in terms of deadlines, costs and final architectural result.

It is specialized in certain fields where, due to accumulated experience, they can provide added value in terms of innovation, design, and knowledge. In addition, it uses new technologies that make it possible to achieve these objectives.

BIM Methodology: After the particular study of each project, they generate models to optimize the workflow. All the information is collected in these documents that respond to needs or information requirements. These requirements may have a generic origin, but they will always be subject to the project to which they apply.

Jon Andoni Iparraguirre, Julen Quevedo, Ubay Calle, Amaia Fernandez. EQUI

EQUI is an architecture and design studio, co-founded by architects Jon Andoni Iparraguirre, Julen Quevedo, Ubay Calle and Amaia Fernandez in 2016 with headquarters in Bilbao.

The studio was created with the objective of dignifying the profession by caring for its workers to be able to offer quality services, paying special attention to the project and its management. Currently the office is made up of a TEAM of professional architects and technical architects.

The TEAM is the cornerstone of the results obtained, convinced that the best way to offer a quality service is to take care of the professionals who will develop each project. EQUI is an ecosystem where real collaboration between its members prevails, exponentially increasing the involvement of the Team in each design and the quality of the result offered, through joint effort and dedication.

BALANCE represents the work method, aware that every project must incorporate various parameters and that all of them influence the design directly. Economy, pragmatism, program, environment, climate, culture, ... are the foundations on which their projects are developed. The search for a result that responds to these parameters, in a balanced way in each design, will be the path that guides all efforts.



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