In an olive grove on the Peloponnese peninsula. Villa Ypsilon by LASSA

In an olive grove on the Peloponnese peninsula. Villa Ypsilon by LASSA
[Finikounda] Greece
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
Villa Ypsilon by LASSA. Photography © NAARO
The organic form of this holiday house responds to the client's desires for have a view point from which to observe the agricultural land, as well as the nearby mountains and coastline.
The earth covers gently over this hill shaped holiday home designed by greek practice studio LASSA, allowing its owners to climb up onto the roof to admire an olive grove on Greece's Peloponnese peninsula. The shell homes a private wing that is integrated in the landscape with three separate bedrooms looking towards the east, and a large living room towards the south that articulates three courtyards.

Description of project by LASSA

Villa Ypsilon is located on a calm hill side of an olive grove in the Greek region of Messenia in the southern part of the Peloponnese peninsula. The project deploys itself as a concrete shell bridging different parts of the terrain with a green roof that materialises an extension of the landscape.

It’s vaulting surfaces are designed to frame precise panoramic views, provide protection from the sun and delineate three distinct courtyards that work as hemispheres that are used more

Design Team
Designed by Theo Sarantoglou Lalis and D
ora Sweijd with Kasper Ax, Yu Zheng, Theo Grousopoulos, Yousef Al Mehdari, Thomas Jensen, Valeria Garcia, Nikolaos Klimentidis, Luke Tan, Greg Spaw.
Executive Architect
V. Kosmopoulos
Total Area.- 180 sqm
Engineer.- Metep : L.
Babilis. Digital Manufacturing / LASSA.- Concrete Form work, Landscape formers, Bespoke window frames, Furniture. Formwork Engineer.- NOUS > Manja van De Worp.
General Contractor
Triedros : V. Leriou.