Outdoor offices. Anis by Dimitri Roussel (Agence DREAM) and Nicolas Laisné Architectes

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Project team
Project manager.- Marie-Aglaé Boukouvalas. Landscape Designer.- Tangram Paysage. Technical Consultancy.- OTEIS, Le Sommer Environnement. BIM Manager.- Monokrom (BIM level 2).
6,962 sqm.
Plot 2.1a, zac Nice Méridia, Nice, France.

Nicolas Laisné. Nicolas Laisné Architectes

Nicolas Laisné founded his firm Nicolas Laisné Architectes in 2005. The firm develops urban planning, architecture and interior design projects, from design to execution and site supervision.

With his team of 50 people based in Paris, Nicolas Laisné works for public authorities, as well as private players and individuals in France and abroad. The firm has taken part in a number of international events, including the Venice Biennale in 2021.

Thanks to his open-mindedness, his natural curiosity and his taste for dialogue, Nicolas Laisné skillfully juggles multiple influences. His holistic vision of architecture allows him to invite philosophers, agronomists, botanists, artists and even data scientists to collaborate with him. He puts together a new multi-disciplinary and international team for each project.

Dimitri Roussel. DREAM

DREAM (Dimitri Roussel Ensemble Architecture Métropole) is an architectural firm founded by Dimitri Roussel in 2018. Dimitri collaborates with around thirty designers who also have international profiles and who share his humanist creative vision.

DREAM creates spaces adapted to modern-day lifestyles. Their designs aim to promote wellbeing and social interaction both in working and living spaces. The agency develops projects of various types and scales: housing, offices, sports facilities, ephemeral architecture. DREAM has particularly strong expertise in programmatic diversity.

DREAM favours bioclimatic architecture: they choose responsible construction methods and collaborate with local partners who share their values. The agency puts ecology at the centre of its projects, from bioclimatic design to the use of bio-basedmaterials. DREAM’s expertise and values have contributed to the agency’s reputation as a leading specialist in wooden architecture.



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