Rain-friendly architecture. Confluence Park San Antonio by Lake|Flato Architects + Matsys Design

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Lake|Flato Architects, Matsys Design.
Pavillion Design.- Matsys, Andrew Kudless.
Petal Formwork.- Kreysler & Associates.
Project team
Sunnie Díaz, Tenna Florian, Bob Harris, Jordan Tsai.
Structural Engineer.- Architectural Engineering Collaborative (Chuck Neeves, Tyler McElroy).
Mechanical Engineering.- CNG Engineering.
Landscape Architecture.- Rialto Studio, Inc. (James Gray, Bobby Eichholz).
Lighting.- Mazzetti.
Conceptual Master Plan.- Ball-Nogues Studio and Rialto Studio.
Main Contractor
141,640 m² (3.5 acres).
310 W Mitchell St, San Antonio, TX 78204, United States.
Tremco, Kreysler & Associates, Lumenpulse, Mission Solar, Prosoco.

Ted Flato, David Lake. Lake|Flato

Lake|Flato, is a Texas architecture firm created in 1984, by Ted Flato and David Lake. Its professional staff has over 100, including 50 registered architects, 42 LEED-accredited professionals, and a sustainability manager. Ten partners empower teams that lead each project from beginning to completion.

Lake|Flato has gained national recognition for architecture that is grounded in the belief that design and sustainability are inseparable pieces of a coherent, place-based approach to building that successfully merges with the landscape. Lake|Flato’s work has received wide critical acclaim in more than 300 international, national and regional awards, including the American Institute of Architects Firm of the Year Award in 2004 and 13 Top Ten Green Project Awards from the AIA Committee on the Environment.

Andrew Kudless. Matsys

Matsys is a design studio founded by Andrew Kudless, in 2004. A design studio exploring the emergent relationships between architecture, engineering, biology, and computation. The work of Matsys has been exhibited internationally and is in the permanent collections of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Centre Pompidou in Paris, and the FRAC Centre in Orleans, France.

Many of our projects explore the capacity of material, geometry, and performance to work together to produce a more integrative design. This extends from our interests in structural form-finding in several shell projects (e.g. Confluence Park and Shellstar Pavilion) as well as the P Wall series of projects (2006 – present) that investigate the use of flexible fabric formwork in the production of precast façade panels. These projects celebrate the emergent effects of an integrated design process and resonate with vitality.

Andrew Kudless is a designer based in Houston, Texas where he is the Bill Kendall Memorial Endowed Professor at the University of Houston’s Hines College of Architecture Design as well as the Director of the Advanced Media Technology Lab. His work on Confluence Park has won a number of awards including a 2019 AIA National Honor Award. In 2019, he became the first American designer to contribute to Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomades collection. He holds a Master of Arts in Emergent Technologies and Design from the Architectural Association and a Master of Architecture from Tulane University.

Photograph by Raphael Gianelli-Meriano.



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