Renovation of a Jean Nouvel’s building. Anne Frank Middle School by MARS Architectes

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Façade Engineer.- RFR.
Structure Engineer.- Batiserf.
Fluids/Electricity Engineer.- BET Choulet.
Cooking Equipment Engineer.- OMNIS.
Economist.- BMF.
Signage.- Travaux pratiques.
Landscaper.- Bassinet Turquin.
Entreprises Générale.- Bouygues Batiments IDF.
Entreprise façade.- Jean Rossi (cladding), Kapeci (exterior joinery).
Maintenance.- Engie, EDEIS.
Conseil Départemental des Hauts de Seine.
7,572 sqm.
112 Rue Adolphe Pajeaud, 92160 Antony, France.
€ 22,000,000.

Sylvain Rety, Julien Broussart, Raphaël Renard. MARS Architectes

Sylvain Rety, Julien Broussart and Raphaël Renard founded MARS Architectes in 2012, after having worked in prestigious architectural firms such as SANAA or Ateliers Jean Nouvel. The agency was noticed the same year during the international competition of the central library of Helsinki by obtaining an honorable mention against the most prestigious international agencies.

In 2014, the Mars Architectes agency was rewarded by the Ministry of Culture, by becoming the winner of the “Albums des Jeunes Architectes et Paysagistes”, a prize awarded to the most promising young French agencies. MARS Architects then decides to bring together all the winners of this promotion to found the collective of architects AJAP 14.

The studio is developing multiple kinds of programs: social or private collective housing, student housing, sports facilities, cultural facilities such as the future Villefranche-de-Rouergue cultural center undergoing major rehabilitation in a protected historic setting, administrative equipment such as than the Sub-prefecture of Palaiseau located on the French cluster of the Saclay plateau.

In addition, the agency has been working closely with the real estate company GECINA since 2014 on housing programs, roof extensions and student housing in Paris. The first project born of this collaboration, "14 dwellings in the heart of a block", is moreover unanimously hailed by the critics: nominated for the EU Mies Award 2022, Finalist for the National Wood Construction Prize 2021, finalist for the Trophy "Séquences bois”, and finalist for the AMO Prize in the “most daring implementation” section.



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