Restoring neighbourhood identity. Etoffes de Tolbiac by Vincent Parreira-AAVP

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Proyect team
Team.- DBG paysage, Charpente Concept wood design office, BMF economist, ALTIA acoustics, Camping Design signage, IDEEL environnement and Exe Elfimm fluid design office.
Artists.- Claudine Drai, visual artist (hall diptych), Stéphane Vigny, sculptor (hall wall lamps).
Emerige Résidentiel.
SICRA Île-de-France.
Total surface area.- 8,504 sqm.
Housing.- 5,352 sqm.
Business.- 3,152 sqm.
Vegetated surface.- 433 sqm.
19,77M € of which 2,7 M € co-processed.
Tolbiac street and Chevaleret street, la Rive Gauche, Paris, France.

Vincent Parreira AAVP

AAVP. Vincent Parreira founded AAVP in 2001, his studio in the 11th district in Paris. In Vincent Parreira's office, you are likely to see cow massacres, a 1: 1 scale rhino head, transparent partitions, art photos and a punching bag. Vincent Parreira does not like sad architecture. Vincent Parreira believes that each building can improve life, so Vincent Parreira demands that each of his projects offer a better life to its users.

Vincent Parreira's studio has designed 6 schools, 1,018 housing units, a hotel and half a museum. Vincent Parreira abominates small spaces. Vincent Parreira carried out a shopping center project that we call Atoll, because it does not look like a shopping center, but an undulating island in the countryside.

Vincent Parreira contradicts Aldof Loos and does not see the ornament as a crime. Vincent Parreira rejects the answers already made and the preconceived stairs. Vincent Parreira has 3 pairs of arms, his own and those of his two partners, Marie Brodin and Éric Crochu. Vincent Parreira rebuilt with them his Holy Trinity architecture. Now there are 20 collaborators to attack the most daring projects.



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