Sport experience. Public pool in Budapest by Plant-Atelier Péterkis Kft and Tecton Kft

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Project team
Architecture.- PéterKis, BeaMolnár, AnikóTóth, ZsoltKrausz, BélaVarga, TamásÜkös, PéterTokaji, DalmaSzunyoghy-Kollár. Interior design.- PéterKis, BeaMolnár, AnikóTóth, ÉvaJoó.
Engineering / Public Utility.- Vizaterv Kft. Engineering / General.- Vizaterv Kft. Engineering / Uszodatechnológia.- Sterv Kft. Structures.- Bimbóterv Kft. Fire protection.- BNN Biztonságtechnika Kft, Firetech Hungary Kft. Electric.- Artrea Consult Kft. Electricoptional items.- Artrea Consult Kft. Road plan.- Global Construct Kft. Landscape Architecture.- ÚJ Irány Kft. Building constructions.- FRT Raszter Kft.
Total area.- 25,000 sqm. Usable floor area.- 5,060 sqm.
Year began.- 2017. Year completed.- 2019.
Máriaremetei St, Budapest, Hungary.

Péter kis. Plant-Atelier Péterkis Kft

Plant-Atelier Péterkis Kft is an architecture studio founded by Péter kis in May 1997 in Hungary. They prepare architectural, interior and landscaping designs and manage their projects. 

Several prizes, awards, competitions, publications and Hungarian and international exhibitions aim the quality of their completed projects and buildings.

His first office used to be in the tower of Pachydermata-House (the group of mammals almost distinguished by the thickness of their skin...) of the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden. The second office in the Loft of the Animal House for Big Predators. The succession of the two places where his office was located speaks of a typical architectural career.

Béla Varga, Kyung Suk Na. Tecton Kft

Tecton Kft is an architecture studio founded by Béla Varga and Kyung Suk Na in 1998 in Hungary. They met in 1992 and started working together since 1993. 

In 2003 they expanded their business to Slovakia, later to Romania and recently to Poland. They are design builders since 2005, both in Hungary and abroad.

TECTON Group’s net project orders reached €20 million in 2010.

 Approximately 800,000 sqm of construction area has been built on the basis of their designs in Europe for international industrial customers, including some recognized global companies. 

They always set the highest expectations with respect to our engineering services, anywhere and at any time. 



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