Two red beams to renovate an apartment by La Troupe

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La Troupe
Project Team
José Berbiela Bustamante, Rosa Climent Monsalve, Jorge López Sacristán.
Project, January 2018. Competed, April 2019.

José Berbiela Bustamante, Rosa Climent Monsalve, Jorge López Sacristán. La Troupe

La Troupe is a practice based in Madrid lead by José Berbiela Bustamante, Rosa Climent Monsalve, Jorge López Sacristán, architects. La Troupe is a nomadic, adaptable and flexible team that tries to implement the accumulation of knowledge and confidence gained during years of shared work and personal experiences of the group into professional practice.

La Troupe was founded in Madrid in 2017. They come from there and they studied at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM-ETSAM). They have lived in Chicago, New York, Brno, London, Rio de Janeiro, Köln. Now, in 2020, they are in Madrid, Lausanne and Zurich.

They intend to combine individual experiences beyond the simple addition, we seek the integration of capabilities into multidimensional growth and we dream of developing a collective intelligence. La troupe not only increases our technical capacity but also allows us to accompany each other throughout our professional development.

The process is the key element that allows us to integrate individual experiences into a collective intelligence through practical experimentation. They engage each design process with the confidence that professional honesty and careful attention will produce best results. For years, they have shared, discussed, listened to, demolished, searched for, found, drawn, painted, photographed and built... They have learned.

Together we have come to believe in the need of honest and caring architecture.

They are convinced that a great architecture can be made from simple, careful, minimal and essential construction combined with the selection of key elements that enhance the fundamental characteristics of the space.

Together they reflect;

What do dedication and care contribute to physical space?
How about design?
How do we integrate subjectivity?



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