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nmdarq. Architect.- Nuno Miguel Dias.
Project team
Pedro Vieira.
Inspection.- My project, Lda.
Engineering.- My project, Lda.
Light Design.- nmdarq.
Fluids Engineering.- My project, Lda.
Thermal Engineering.- My project, Lda.
Interior Design.- nmdarq.
Oficina dos Sonhos, Lda.
255.00 sqm.
Completion of the work.- 2022.
Almirante Reis Avenue, Lisbon, Portugal.
Faucets.- Mist.
Furniture.- Vitra.
Mobiliario.- Pedrali.
Lighting.- Bocci.
Handmade ceramics.- Alcino Vale.

Nuno Miguel Dias. nmdarq

Nuno Miguel Dias studied Architecture at the Universidade Lusiada de Lisboa in 2001 and graduated in Rehabilitation of Architecture and Urban Nuclei at the Faculty of Architecture of the Universidade Técnica de Lisboa in 2003.

From 1998 to 2004 he collaborated in several architectural workshops including Nuno San Payo Arquitecto, Vitor Mestre and Sofia Aleixo Arquitectos, and Filomena & Lourenço Vicente Arquitectos.

In 2004, together with three other colleagues, he formed 4+Arquitectos, where he remained until 2013, still maintaining a close relationship of collaboration and friendship. Since 2013 he develops an activity with the atelier under his name - NMDARQ Nuno Miguel Dias Arquitecto - focused primarily on the realization of Studies and Architectural Projects combined with the Technical Support of Work, safeguarding the quality of the projects of the workshop and the investment of the clients themselves. To date, he has already built some projects and has several projects in execution.



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