The use of the domestic scale in almost invisible school by ABLM arquitectos

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[ABLM arquitectos], Arturo Blanco + Laura Martínez
Sergio Azofra, Verónica Fernández, Inés Gutiérrez, Isaac Bachiller, Nacho Alonso
Bulding technician.- Ángel García. Structure.- Jacinto de la Riva. MEP Engineering-.- Fernando Aguado, Miguel Ángel Sanz.
Junta de Castilla y León. Consejería de Educación
Gómez Crespo Obras y Servicios S.L.
2,600 m²
Villares de la Reina (Salamanca), Spain
July 2017

Arturo Blanco, Laura Martínez. ABLM arquitectos

ABLM arquitectos. Arturo Blanco and Laura Martínez founded ABLM architects in 2014 obtaining from that moment different first prizes in ideas competitions. Their works have been collected in different books, monographs and specialized magazines in Europe, America and Asia. Arturo Blanco is an architect by ETSA Valladolid (1995), cofounder and partner of BmasC arquitectos from 1998 until its dissolution in 2012. He is professor of Architectural Projects at ETSAM, professor collaborator at the MPAA of the UPM and at the UCJC in Madrid. He is also Architectural Record Design Vanguard (New York, 2006). Laura Martínez is an architect by the ETSA of Valladolid (2005) and Master in Advanced Architectural Projects by ETSAM (2015).

ABLM arquitectos develops its strategies from a multidisciplinary platform proposing answers to the problems offered by contemporaneity. Within the group there are different research initiatives such as the LabIO group [Lab of Optimistic Initiatives] that generates proposals of resolution for conflicts from the juxtaposition of architecture, planning and sociology. Another way of research is the search for new proposals in the world of children and youth, within educational and residential programs, opening possibilities and relationships among users.



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