WINNING PROJECT, “SEMAPHORE” by a/LTA architects + Ateliers Mathieu Laporte

WINNING PROJECT, “SEMAPHORE” by a/LTA architects + Ateliers Mathieu Laporte
[Saint Malo] France
metalocus, ÁNGEL BLANCO
“SEMAPHORE” in Saint Malo by a / LTA architects + Ateliers Mathieu Laporte
The project was awarded first prize as Mixed Use Program called “SEMAPHORE” in Saint Malo (France) competition. El proyecto recibió el primer premio como Programa de uso mixto denominado "SEMAPHORE" en la competencia de Saint Malo (Francia).
The project was designed by team French architecture, leads by a/LTA  architects + Ateliers Mathieu Laporte, and is located near of Saint-Malo’s train station- The project was designed as a soaring 55-meter beacon building establishing itself as a gate to the city.

Its 18 floors soar at a height of 55 meters and emerge as three distinct volumes: the pedestal, the attic, and the emergence.

The Semaphore, Saint-Malo by a / LTA  architects + Ateliers Mathieu Laporte

The Semaphore is a beacon building that offers an innovative architecture and concept. Its 18 floors soar at a height of 55 meters, indicating the railway station area of Saint-Malo and marking the entrance to the city. more

Architects Arquitectos
a / LTA architects le trionnaire (x2) -
tassot - le chapelain + Ateliers Mathieu Laporte
Collaborators Colaboradores
D’Ici Là Paysagistes + Ouest Structures
+ BETOM + COLLIN + Noctiluca + Delta Dore + IDEA Recherche
Client Cliente
Delivery Estado
winning project – 1st prize – expected c
ompletion 2021
Area Surface
Area.- 8,000 m² + Parking
Programme Programa
65 housing + shopping area + offices + n
ursery + shared garden
Venue Lugar
Plot 9_ Train Station Area _ SAINT MALO
maitre d’ouvrage


a/LTA Architects – Planners is a team structured around four associated architects. 

Alain Tassot and Jean-Luc Le Trionnaire, DPLG architects, have been working together in Rennes since 1990. Rich of major projects in the different sphere related to public or private orders, they founded a/LTA Architects – more