A crucible of lights and natures for education. University of Psychology and Speech Therapy by Llps arquitectos

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Llps arquitectos. Lead architects.- Eduardo Pérez Gómez, Miguel Ángel Sanchez.
Project team
Antonio Moralejo Nodal, Marta Villa Casasano, Belén Gonzalez Aranguren, Ana Herreros, Ismael Amarouch, Vicente Huertas, Anja Lunge, María Carbonero, Esther Sánchez, Marta Lopez.
Construction company.- Ferrovial Agromán S.A. and C. Lasor S.L.
Structures.- Integralia group.
Enclosure.- Acrata cerámica, Mapei Spain, S.A. and Knauf.
MEP.- Mitsubishi Electric.
Lighting.- Faeber Lighting System S.A.
Pavements.- Mapei Spain, S.A. and Rinol Rocland Suesco SLU.
Carpentry.- Cortizo.
Glass.- Guardian Glass, Lambert GPS, Astiglass.
Elevators.- Embarba ascensores.
31,639.04 sqm.
March 2021.
Campus de Teatinos, Málaga, Spain.

Miguel Ángel Sánchez García, Eduardo Pérez Gómez. LLPS Arquitectos

LLPS ARQUITECTOS is an architecture study composed of the partners Eduardo Pérez Gómez and Miguel Ángel Sánchez García. Miguel Ángel Sánchez García is an architect from the Architecture Polytechnic of Madrid. Eduardo Pérez Gómez is an Architect from the Architecture Polytechnic of Madrid and a Design Associate Professor.

They have been guest professors and have imparted conferences at the Universities of Harvard (EEUU), the Polytechnic of Milan (Italy), the University of Nairobi (Kenya) and the University of Addis Abeba (Ethiopia) and others on a Spanish national level. Their work has been awarded eleven first prizes, among those; four on an international level stand out: the Multi-Purpose Palace of Gran Canary, the Psychology Faculty of Malaga, and recently the Intermodal Railway and Buses Complex, as well as the International Exhibition of the Spanish Pavilion in the Venice Biennial of Architecture in 2000.

They have developed works in different areas and programs, it should be pointed out: the Spots and Multi-Purpose Palace of Gran Canary, the Third-Commercial Hybrid Complex in Madrid, the Social Centre of Almoguea, a Block of social, private and single-family flats on a national level, as well as third and industrial Complex in developing areas. Their work has been displayed in many countries such as EEUU, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Turkey, Sweden, Belgium, Italy and France.




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