A staircase as a unit origami shaped. "Casa Vertical" by Tsou Arquitectos

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Tsou Arquitectos. Lead architect.- Tiago Tsou.
230 m².
Year of conclusion.- 2021.
Rua Cunha Júnior, Porto. Portugal.

Thiago Tsou. Tsou Arquitectos

Tsou Arquitectos is an architecture studio based in Porto and led by Thiago Tsou. They believe in an architecture with meaning, attentive to the essence of the place, thought out in practice and built responsibly. In architecture, it can enhance the environment for which it was created, responding to its needs and aspirations. The coherence of the architectural proposal is based on its adaptation to the characteristics of the place. The architectural solution is developed in dialogue with its context. They create spaces that celebrate the unique characteristics of each place.

Its feasible architecture results in the adaptation of the design and construction principles to the predetermined program and conditions according to the construction process and the characteristics of the materials. The use of materials in a careful and intelligent form, guaranteeing the efficiency and adequacy of the construction in a sustainably way.

Thiago Tsou studied architecture at the Lusíada University. He studied illustration at the Superior Artistic School of Porto and a master's degree in Architectural Construction at the University of A Coruña.



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