A weekend cabin as a natural bridge. Bridge House by Francisco Biskupovic Zimmermann

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Gabriela Urrutia Da Bove.-visual artist. Juan Uribe Rotter.-architect.
90 sqm.
Year of construction.-2019.
Sector of Arique. Pishuinco. Chile.

Francisco Biskupovic Zimmermann

Francisco Biskupovic Zimmermann. They are moved by the idea of working in different formats and specificities, depending on the type of assignment or task to be faced. This "adaptable" work system encompasses some of the areas of architecture, such as; theory, project and materialization. They work on the theory, mainly, teaching at the school of architecture of the Austral University of Chile. In it, we experiment on fundamental topics relevant to our region, such as; to be located in a seismic zone, in the middle of a great diversity of landscapes, from the scarcity of technological and budgetary resources.

They face the project with different figures; associated with larger offices for the development of larger-scale projects, as well as in small or even irreducible office format; a single architect designs and draws, for projects of intermediate scale. The materialization of architecture, we approach it by taking some commissions and self-commissions, of small scale, in which we become part of the construction of the work.

Francsico Biskupovic is the grandson and son of architects, settled in southern Chile since about 1940. He studied architecture by obligation at the Austral University of Chile, graduating in 2002, and then carried out postgraduate studies in Barcelona, between 2007 and 2010. At the same time, during the university period, he worked in architectural offices and in private commissions in Chile and Spain. Back and already established in the south, he is part of the architectural office Biskupovic Architects.



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