Architectural walk. Filters House by Martín Peláez and Pablo Fernández

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Martín Peláez + Pablo Fernández.
Project team
Execution manager.- Ainhoa Martín, Francisco Peláez, Pablo Fernández Ortiz.
Quantity surveyor.- Juanjo Montejano
Integra installation consulting.
GV408 Structures Consulting.
Albacete, Castilla la Mancha, Spain.
Mosaicos Solana.- terrazzo tile.
Rusticos La Mancha.- clay tile.
Cerámicas Ferrés.- Green tile.
Quickstep.- Wood laminate.
Nais.- Beige tile.
Living Ceramics.- Porcelain tile (swimming pool).

Ainhoa ​​Martín, Francisco Peláez Martín-Peláez

Martín-Peláez is a young architecture and design studio located in Madrid. Their work encompasses multiple scales, from architecture to interior design. They have collaborated with offices in New York, Amsterdam, Madrid and Panama.

Ainhoa ​​Martín, (Madrid, 1986) an architect from the School of Architecture of Alcalá de Henares since 2012. She began his career in architecture firms as PO2, Angel Verdasco Architects, Esdicain, Hans Abaton and WorkAC (New York). Since 2013 she is interested in the design world, and after completing a masters degree in graphic design, she works 2x4 Madrid, studio which whom she keeps working as a freelance. Currently she is inaugurating a new stage with Martin-Pelaez.

Francisco Peláez, (Ciudad Real, 1984) an architect from the School of Alcala de Henares (2009) Master in Advanced Architectural Design from the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid (2012), where he has been an assistant professor in the teaching unit Maroto. His experience begins in architectural firms as Information Based Architecture, Jose Juan Barba Architecture, Hans Abaton, and Matos Castillo Architects, among others. He has participated in projects in all phases highlighting the Hospitaller Panama City or Canton-TV tower in Guangzhou. Now it is immersed in a new venture with Martin-Pelaez.





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