The beginning of a sustainable neighbourhood. Energy parking garage by asp Architekten

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City of Stuttgart.
13.100 sqm.
08/2017 - 06/2020.
Bad Cannstatt‘s Neckarpark, Stuttgart, Germany.

ASP Architekten

ASP Architekten is an internationally mixed architectural practice based in the German city of Stuttgart specializing in projects located in urban environments. Its history begins in the 1950s, being the current successor of "asp" Arat, Siegel und Partner founded in 1992 by Mete Arat and Henner Siegel. During this time they designed the Stuttgart Airport, the Arena Leipzig, and the conversion of the Stuttgart Neckar Stadium for the 1993 World Athletics Championships.

In 2006, Cem Arat, Karsten Schust, and Jochen Siegel took over the sole management of the office and increased the number of employees to around 35-40 architects. During these years, they realized the projects for the conversion of the Mercedes-Benz Arena, the two EWE stadiums in Oldenburg, and the VfB Stuttgart youth center.

Alex Wall, Markus Weismann, and Oliver Lambrecht collaborated at the Chair of Urban Construction and Design at the University of Karlsruhe (KIT). After a series of successful competitions, they founded their office in Stuttgart in 2008. This office was to be the generational handover for the former managers of ASP Architekten. The current directors are the former managing directors who were appointed partners, Eberhard Becker, Suna Konyalıoğlu, and Dimitrios Kogios, together with Markus Weismann and Cem Arat.



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